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No PREFORMANCE DEGREDATION, ARE YOU *&^%ING kidding me? Hit a wall at 140 and your car might go 5 mph if you are lucky. This guy needs to play the game! The only way you could do that is play with damage off! As for how about a cracked headlight? check game has it. Unlockables? How are they bad, what the point of the game if you can go out and by any car even $1,000,000 cars right off the bat, I mean I didn't know I had 1,000,000 in the bank right now but I can afford a focus today...

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Nothing new or out-on-a-limb here

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Is always good.

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would make sense why they are close. Try reading them?

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Thats sad, go play Forza for simulation racing, or Motorstorm for Arcade racing. This hybrid looks pretty, but is nothing groundbreaking.

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High Price+Lack of Game=Low sales. Will this equation remain the same? Duh, hell no. Ps3 has some great games coming! Will it catch the 360? Doubtful, 1 year lead time and $200 lower price will make it tough. Impossible? hell no, Sony could well overtake the 360 and would be hardly surprised. Games will come and price will drop, those my friends are a fact. Will it be enough? Time will tell.

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Is just that...a beta. I'm happy I got to play it and was amazed by some new stuff and a little ticked off at others. This game will be what the others have been, a system seller. If they had shown me another commercial, or some CGI from a non-in-game engine, I would have been let down, but as is have some fond memories of the beta. Are the graphics as good as Gears? Definitely not. Are they a huge improvement over Halo 2? Yes. Single player I'm sure will amaze, as the others have. T...

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I believe in free speech and the company that brought us so many unforgettable hits, but... they seem to simply be going for shear shock value in a time when almost nothing is off limits. It would be mainly bad for the video game community if this gets released as is, and please hear me out.

1. Politicians would have lots of ammo for unneeded attacks on a hobby.
2. Some retard would duplicate a horrible moment and ruin the industry even more.
3. Kids would play ...

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Anyway I voted to give you a bubble for some beavis and butthead-level-of-stupid comments! Wow I rented that game and felt ripped off! Anyway thanks for making me smile!

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A little odd, didn't see that coming. Hopefully, this game comes out soon, that way I have even less time to play all these great games. *sigh* oh how many hours will you steal from me Mass Effect? Lol kidding, at least now I have jigglies my gf will complain about. Seriously though, who isn't drooling over this game? I said it before its gonna change the RPG landscape. Imagine awesome graphics beginning to end and not just in cut scenes!

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you have to laugh at it. This site has no credibility! I mean my god how can a gaming news site have 10 new stories a day about HDDVD and Blu-Ray! That is not gaming news in any way shape or form. The red rings song gets approved and so should this. This was actually very funny, but my god that guy needs voice lessons! Still wasn't as funny as:


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Halo 3 campaign footage of some sort, ie cutscenes or some polished gameplay.

Fable 2 footage.

Dead Rising 2 trailer of some sort (most likely not in game, but could happen.

Minor franchises going multiplatform.

Japanese RPG footage of Oddesey.


Possible release dates for Fable 2, Dead Rising 2, and Crimson Skies 2.

The move of Dead Rising to multiplatform.


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Its the same thing microsoft does with Downloadable content. These mmorpgs have a huge grind factor, and people see they can pay twenty bucks and get some in game cash that would take me two months to earn. Huge untapped market there for a franchise to make full-time jobs out of.

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The most that will come of this is one of two things happening. Either rumble being delayed slightly for PS3 controllers, as the dust clears on all these lawsuits. Or Immersion gives Microsoft what was agreed upon, which according to the article would be percentage of the cost for rumble in each controller. To me its kind of funny because Micro$oft would be making money every time a controller with rumble is sold for the PS3, lol. Is there a product out there old Billy Boy hasn't figured ...

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Release dates for Mario a given, even Nintendo can't keep that under wraps or pushed back forever. Talk avoiding big speculated Franchises is a given, as much as head Sony and Microsoft folks would like to throw a tiny bone to the masses about certain franchises, there is no way either risks alienating certain development teams with added pressure or promises.

Talk focusing on Halo 3, Mass Effect, Lair, ect... No duh.

Killzone 2 new footage: again duh. Lots of...

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Like watching King Kong (remake) and the dude at the beginning is asking about boobs. At least they know what the gamer audience cares about! Not plot, gameplay, or innovation but huge knockers!

PS whole statement should be read with sarcasm!

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Sony realised gamers like rumble and finally listened, and now just must play catch up. Go Sony!

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Watch and see. Games will change for the better!

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