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PLEASE STOP POSTING VGCHARTS AS NEWS! I will make a website with my prognostications and you can report them as news too! You may now return to your regularly scheduled fan war. Thank you.

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PLEASE STOP POSTING VG CHARTS AS NEWS! I make predictions too, if I make a website please post my prognostications as news. Thank you, that is all. You may now return to your regularly scheduled fanboy war.

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This fanboy war is funny, and if you tried to pick a winner from the n4g embedded video you are a retard, go to 1up.com and download the video, and the comparison is not a comparison. The 360 not only is sharper, brighter more vivid colors, and smoother animations, but less jaggy and not only in the slow down versions, but through-out. All Madden fans rejoice, but I know where my money is going yet again.

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Bad edit, Horrible spelling, Not in any way, shape or form news, not even a hint of hews. Fanboyism, and all around crap. Not only should this not get posted, poster should lose all posting privileges and simply have to pass the contributor test in essay format. Simply takes, rabid PS3 fanboy to a whole new level.

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you will see the game in action and just feel the kick in the nuts from what a next gen should look and more inportantly PLAY like. Its ok the light will show you the way.

PS...What the hell is that new vehicle, looks like a reverse convenant transport from 2, hope that thing is in online!

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Seems more a list of how the sales will come out. COD4 will do well, but not nearly as well as alot of the games on the list, and UT is known to be a console ho-hum seller. They may hit 1,000,000 sold across the platforms, but gonna take some time. UT is a different 1st person beast then what console gamers are used, definitely stonger on the PC platform.

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Words that should never be uttered, and I do mean ever! Halo copying Haze, lol. Don't worry PS3fanboys it is true, Haze is in the running to carry Masterchief's jockstrap.

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Sweet grunt stomping goodness! 4 times the sticky to a brute's head goodness!

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What games on the PS3 are running 1080p native at 60FPS? By native, I mean not upscaled.

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Well, it speaks volumes that they are comparing a CGI high price project vs a 50 million dollar video game production. I think it did good, guess we all find out in 2008 how the game compares. Hopefully, gameplay and multiplayer live up to the hype.

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I mean if you are going to go through all that trouble, you break the glass and break in, but you take one game? If you are going to commit a crime at least go big! lol.

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Hmm... well I jumped in at $399.99 after tax that cost me roughly $425.00 with that I bought 3 games. I went with the premium (A very tough decision, but the HD, component and optically audio support built in, headset, and wireless controller far outwieghed the costs of going core and upgrading later). I didn't really care having to run a lan cable as $100 for the wireless adapter just seemed like too much for me, especially since its less than 10 feet from my router. I bought Oblivion, F...

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The only thing I hope is no more endings like part 2, chief either better go down in a blaze of glory with me at the helm, or ride into the sunset with me the conquering hero. Either way I want to drool over what will be the best game to grace a console this year!

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The fanboy trolls are out!

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You want a sim, you buy Forza. Realistic damage, performance degradation, tuning, upgrades ect. You want an arcade racer, you buy Motorstorm, GT, Dirt, PGR, ect. Trying to pretend otherwise is fanboyish, and spin it the way you want its the truth. Will the arcade racer look amazing you are darn right! GT, Dirt, PGR look Fantastic! You want realism you get Forza 2. Nothing wrong with one or the other its a matter of choice.

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Looks do blow me away, but its an arcade game period. Same with GT they have been all arcade games, closest they get to sims is upgrading. Forza is a sim, completely different class.

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We just played Forza (me and 3 car guys) I wanted their opinions on the game versus real-life. For background we just pulled the engine out of a 11 second (natural aspiration) 91 mustang (all engine, 3 inch Long Tube headers, Racing injection, ignition, ect) because we were losing compression and having leakage. After we finished I hooked up the 360 with Force Feedback wheel and showed the tuning and upgrade options, and let them role around the track. The game is a sim, with realistic dam...

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Wow play the game. Damage is awesome in it, try it sometime.

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Forza calculates damage and physics at 60 FPS 360 times a second, versus no damage and physics at a lower rate. Someone needs to drop the crackpipe. Will it look prettier? I am sure, all arcade racers so far have: Motorstorm, Dirt, ect.

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Only you could turn this into a fanboy rant. Wow moron try playing the game. Unlike arcade racer GT there is damage with performance degredation. Go play that crap GT where you can win races with some cars and never touch asphalt.

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