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Wont happen for 3 reasons. 1.Mobile can't handle the graphics of pcs and consoles and this group cares. 2. True 3d without glasses expected to be out in tv's by then 20k res, consoles and pcs will be needed for games to take advantage because see 1.

3. Finally the biggest reason is input. Mobile lacks the capability of more than one or two inputs at a time. Keyboard mouse or controller will always trump touchscreen. This is biggest reason mobile games are droll and su...

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Its less like borderlands, more like mmo-loot drop gear, instanced missions with bosses, Halo. Not really open world everything is traveling to instances.

If I had to pick a hybrid to compare it would be phantasy star online meets Halo.

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Honestly its just like halo and the tank is balanced fine. There are 4 ways to deal with a tank. 1 you snipe the driver in the head (then proceed to walk up get in and roll death, which I did numerous times). 2 you get in one of the ghost vehicles and shoot it while running circles around it or using terrain. 3 hop onto a turret and mow it down in 1.5 seconds. 4 pickup a heavy ammo drop and rocket launcher said tank into oblivion.

For a video game reviewer the guy should be a...

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Feel so bad for this guy. This was so me last generation, this brought back deja vu. Went through 11 defective launch 360's. The most frustrating thing is their lack of empowerment to fix the issue. Microsoft puts all the emphasis on the customer to suffer and do all the work its a shame.

My favorite conversations with them: after the 5th broke they had outsourced their call center to India and apparently didn't send any records over so when I called about that one th...

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Ok so its a fair question and not trolling. While I went in with an open mind and a slant towards favoring the xbox reveal due to my purchase history, Microsoft had also soured me quite a bit with 360 hardware issues. 8 original replacements and number 9 denied due to my email extended warranty running out (great customer satisfaction there). Purchased a newer "reliable 250 GB" version in the slimmer black model on the have it need a replacement, which they did take care of. So at M...

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I don't think that it will be bad but as a consumer I have to make choices how to spend my money. As of right now I am leaning towards purchasing a PS4 simply due to the fact I want my gaming console to focus on games. Having owned an xbox and a kinect it was nothing more than a cool piece of tech that I eventually traded in towards a 250gb model when my extended warranty ran out and microsoft refused to replace my console for literary the 9th time. They were kind enough to offer me $0.25...

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How were game sales ie attachment rate for that lovely casual Nintendo console that sold 100 million units?
Hardcore gamers speak with their wallets and buy replacements for controllers headsets ect to be at the top of their game. That my friend = profit. Not a casual player who only plays bowling that came with the system.

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Lol sorry used to last gen. Replace all PS3 with PS4.

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Sorry PS4, too used to last gen. Maybe I'm getting too old school. Lol. If you check my history though I was a stern defender of the 360 so, if I'm any indicator Microsoft needs to wake up.

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Went back and watched the PS3 reveal and I must say depending on price Sony has a convert in me. Haven't been this excited for a console in a long time. Unless Microsoft blows me away with games at E3, I am leaning strongly PS3.

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Watched the reveal and you can see how the mishmash of tech came together from the last gen to create xbox one. I think E3 will make or break them along with the price. I honestly can't see paying more than $400.00 for my next console. The reason I refuse to spend more is the 8 replacements I had to get on my launch console and then I had to sink more money on a newer one that so far has been reliable.

I'm looking harder and harder at PS this time due to poor SE Asia...

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My latest addiction, if you haven't tried it you owe it to yourself to try it. The game eliminates alot of stupid mistakes other MMORPG's make. For example, no need for downloaded mods to finish quests, if you have been to a place that is a quest destination can autorun to it. The game has loads of depth as well, as its not your traditional role fingers 1-0 fastest wins a fight but is old school turn based like final fantasy. It is a gem among games.

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on N4G not sure why this got reported? Can't understand why some stories are still not getting reported on here... oh well. Hmm how about a link?

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Syko, I'm with you. Lol had a 12 hour day went on Tuesday to pick it up and had to wait another day, so I finally picked up some other games I had pre-ordered. The great part is I haven't touched them yet. I did finally run into some load screens, but nothing has topped 5 seconds through disk 2.

PS360Wii yeah I'm enjoying the pacing, its seems like when I get tired of watching cutscenes (yes it can happen) you spend the next 2 hours in combat. Then, when you get tired of ...

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If you could beat that game in 6-7 hours you would be the all-time king of gaming. I'm thinking a Diablo II/Devil May Cry mix from that review. I had almost no real expectations of this game being any good, but after reading this review its going on my pre-order list for next weekend. This just hit my most anticipated game list for this year!

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I'm not too far into it, simply 60 hour work weeks have sucked my gameplay time down to almost nil during the week...but anyway the honest review for what I have had the pleasure to experience through disc 1:

The loadtimes, wow the biggest detractor for every professional review, are almost non-existent. Cutscenes load after 1-3 seconds, and battles start about 3-5 seconds, and its not a black load screen or anything its a rotating camera with a quick one liner from a random c...

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Figured I would add a link. I think many people made the switch because of how broken Halo 3 multiplayer is currently. Here's the link its popular reading over there.


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I thought my buddy on live was pulling my leg...
this brought back so many fond memories of a FPS to do sooo much right. The one liners, the strippers, the flying pigs... and the king may actually be back!
Awesome trailer, makes chuck norris cry for wanting to be able hold his jock.
Anyway Hail to the King, whether or not this may actually hit before I turn 40. Anyway, back to gaming enjoy the fanboy wars on N4G, go enjoy what you have.

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as kittens playing with yarn. I love horror games, and horror movies in general but from that I say pass. Hopefully, this game will be more than that, this game looks like artsy attempt at horror that does no more than bring out all the chills of the bride of chuckie lmao.

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Reminds me of the time we put Ryu (from Ninja Gaiden) giving snake a hummer in the cover of a gamecube game when I was working at Sears. We named it Ninja Snake Encounter, lol, we were fine until two parents wanted to buy it.

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