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Depends on what you're looking for. If you want a straight up action game with great graphics and nice co-op features, then its worth it. If you're looking for a continuation of RE4 style survival horror gameplay then its a disappointment to say the least.

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Q3A is still imo the best pure online multiplayer fps ever.

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I don't get that reply, yes he trashed the ps3 exclusive, but in the very next entry he trashes a 360 exclusive, and a spin off of ms's #1 franchise at that... and say whatever you want, that screenshot of ms2 looks horrible. I really don't see the bias.

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March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November, December and January.

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An hd ffvii remake would be a day one purchase for me and probably millions of others. I honestly wonder why they don't just do it for the money alone. Its not like they don't already milk the ff series with loads of spin offs and special edition stuff like this. I just don't get it.

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ugh.. i literally just bought nba2k9 yesterday after hearing about the 39.99 price drop. Sucks to know i could have saved another $10 if i looked around.

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Well, the multiplayer beta feels exactly like cod4. Its basically like a cod4 expansion pack with different weapons, maps and skins. I'm still undecided as to whether the vehicles are a good thing, but if the single player is as good as cod4's then there goes another $65. This season is absolutely packed with great games.

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Would the co-op campaign mode be part of the beta? I thought it was multiplayer death match and tdm type games only. I thought the multiplayer in the original resistance was pretty average, but the campaign mode was great. If I could play some of the campaign I'd sign up for this beta asap.

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Bioshock 2 obviously needs to be a prequel. Andrew Ryan as a protagonist would be the best fit imo. The plot could start off with rapture in its prime, and some of the social unrest that was hinted at in the first game could be fleshed out and brought to life. Ryan would have to deal with riots, attempts on his life and chaos as rapture falls apart around him.

You'd watch rapture slowly erode, leaving andrew ryan by himself and under attack like the character in the first bios...

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I actually sort of agree with the op. Bioshock, at least for me, had no replay value.

Even with that though, it was still the best game I played in 07, and after mgs4 was the best game I've played so far this gen. Sometimes one great play through can be enough. If bioshock 2 can do the same I'll be happy with that. No multiplayer or gimmicks needed. Just give me great gameplay and I'm fine.

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I was in the beta, and trust me, there will be no lack of quality user generated content for those who don't want to use the level editor themselves. In just the short time with the beta, and with a smaller pool of users there were more quality levels than i had time to play. Another cool thing about it was every day as the users got better with the tools, the new levels that showed up got bigger, better and more creative. Even not counting its amazing level editor tools, lbp is still one of ...

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If i had to pick just one I'd go with Gears 2. Glad I don't though, resistance, prince of persia, and fallout 3 are must haves for me also.

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I agree totally with the op. Assassin's creed is the most disappointing game I've played this gen. I'd say a 7 is about fair, and the only thing keeping it from falling into the 6 category is that the graphics were great and the voice acting and cut scenes were decent.

The article's line that "once you've played the first level you've played the entire game" is so true. Just saying its repetitive doesn't do it justice. You can say all games get repetitive to a certain e...

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Yea you can throw back grenades in cod4, but the timer doesn't reset, and since everyone cooks grenades anyway, its a pretty useless skill. The cod5 perk resets the timer. Its a good idea for countering all the grenade spam, but I'll probably just stick with deep impact for that slot.

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I'm pretty sure I read somewhere that cod5 has a feature similar to uav radar after 3 kills in a row. Sorry I don't have a link, but I'm positive I read that in a preview.

I'm interested in the vehicles too, and how they'll change the gameplay, I could see it working both ways. there was already way too much camping in cod4, camping + tanks may not work out so well.

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Juggernaut is back too.. I can hear the whining online already.

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I agree, with no license it can never be a "madden killer"

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I'm pretty sure tomb raider was on the sega saturn before the ps1, so sony didn't give birth to it at all.

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Who says you have to make levels? Aside from the story mode and all the levels that will be available right out of the box, there will be literally hundreds of levels made by others to play, and with the rating system you'll know which ones are the best. I haven't even touched the level editor yet, i've just played other people's levels online and I'm loving the beta.

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Thats my only issue with this game too. There is so much going on for gaming around that time it'll be hard to pick this one up because i know i won't have time to play it. Fallout 3, resistance 2, lbp and gears2 are all day one buys for me around the same time. Too bad it couldn't have come out a month sooner.

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