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Microsoft trying to get out of this on a technicality as it hadn’t actually released on other platforms speaks volumes.

This will surely go against them in the drawn out Acti merger.

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I bought the one Mark Cerny was using at the time, the WD SN850 which set me back around £150 for 1tb, now you can get the 2tb from WD for that price, it’s crazy how fast they’re dropping in price.

Meanwhile Microsoft went with something which seemed a good idea at the time but as they’ve pretty much cornered it off to any third parties, the price remains far too high per TB.

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Honestly, I hate the unnecessarily confrontational stance people take on this site from time to time but after a brief interaction with Obscure yesterday where they were ridiculously condescending for no reason, yeah…I wouldn’t put it past them to show up here and start their keyboard warrior nonsense.

If anyone is going to act personally offended that a games publisher other than Xbox studios is…doing well, it’s them.

Absolutely baffles me that as a gam...

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“Dude, no offence, but I don´t need your crystal ball predictions when pretty much all gaming media outlets that played 1 hour and half of this game at Arkane´s Redfall event has played it solo.”

You do see the hypocrisy in your statement, right? You’re over here throwing around baseless claims that the game isn’t intended to be played in co-op despite the fact the LITERAL DEVELOPERS have marketed the game and all gameplay shown has bee...

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Whilst I typically disagree with the way in which some people engage in dialogue on this site as it is oftentimes unnecessarily confrontational, I have to say that I agree with @Foxtrot here.

There is absolutely no way that you can look at this game and say it was not built with co-op in mind.

I’m not a fan of the way people feel the need to be aggressive in their responses but your response to Foxtrot claiming it’s a “delusional crusade”…yikes, yeah you...

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Seems like marketing talk.
Happy to be proven wrong but unless this game really gets a solid playerbase, I have a feeling it won’t last long.

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Deep Down please. 😂
One day, I’m holding out hope.
Hard to think that it’s been 10 years since it was announced.

Last update was Shawn Layden saying in 2021 that it may be picked up by someone else within Capcom following Ono’s departure.

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Incredible talent, will be missed.

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Loved Zero Dawn but couldn’t get into Forbidden West.

I may give it another go with the DLC dropping soon since it’s current-gen only. Looking forward to seeing how good it looks and feels without being held back at all.

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This ^ 👏

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Happens all the time, just the other day I made a tongue in cheek comment about Jim Ryan’s recent comments regarding the Acti merger and some Sony drone started reaching, went on a massive rant filled with demeaning comments throughout and then tried to claim N4G isn’t a Sony haven.

The insecurity is rife, they really need to actually touch grass - claiming to be gamers yet don’t enjoy games or allow others to enjoy them if they’re on a different platform? It’s wild to me,...

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All because a discord user got blocked from their server. It truly is pathetic.

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Not surprised this failed with Google’s track record of abandoning projects when they don’t see instant success.

Such a shame, when I played it, it ran well but lacked the push, exclusives and UI/promise features (achievements and such).

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@Sin, sit dow, child.

I tried to give respect and praised your concise response whilst highlighting that I didn’t wish to continue discourse with you due to your demeaning manner and mental gymnastics.

Enjoy your weekend.

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As much flak as E3 organisers got, I much preferred the condensed E3 week where publishers and platform holders showed what was in the pipeline.

I do enjoy the format PlayStation has now adopted, but much preferred having everything in one go rather than drip fed 20mins here 30 mins there throughout the year.

Really had a sense of hype and excitement about it as opposed to these “Directs” and “Insides”.

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I’m still salty I bought that game at launch and it died very quickly.

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@Sin, solid response aside from your reaching again where you’re saying you love my “tactic”.

I appreciate your articulation on the matter. A little less sarcasm and demeaning tone would go a long way; however, it’s midnight and I cannot address each of your points, as much as I disagree with some of them. It’s not a “tactic” it’s simply that I do not wish to continue a conversation with someone who lacks the intellectual capability to have a mature and respectful discussio...

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I hardly think Microsoft are deliberately sabotaging cross platform games…that’s a bit “conspiracy theory”.

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