Waiting for GTA V


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this is so fricking stupid

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I got my check from EA's lawsuit regarding the madden games in november, thanks for the $126 bucks back EA

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China Rising will not even show in the in game store or the xbox dashboard store for me. have a ticket open, shits annoying, but i'll stick it out. DICE always fixes whats wrong.

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Lmao, that was great

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@ biggest

Do you know math? Twice as many? Lmao

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lmao, awesome deal on battlefield watch

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if you can afford $500+ for the system, but bitch about the $60 a year, please move on to another console.

and if youre smart, you shop around and look when sites sell subscription cards discounted, i'm good on xbox live until 2016 and i only spent $105 total on my live subscription. my sons xbox live is good till 2015

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BF has more variety, more things to do to support your team.

CoD is basically running in circles spraying rounds...

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i haven't played conquest in over a week, only allows me to play team dm, squad dm or rush

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i still can't even download china rising, when i go into the store(after having to go into test match since the store is greyed out when i first go into the game) and i select china rising and hit A for ok to select it, it crashes me on the xbox one to the dashboard.

and the one hit kill bug is still there, happened to me quite a few times last night

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Wait to play, save your disappointment, it's so dam buggy

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But what about the rest of us who already paid for premium?
Would piss a lot more people off if suddenly it was free, yet a lot of people spent $110+ on this game.

I'm already peeved I get one match then it crashes when loading next level. Plus it's not allowing me to download china rising yet.

Just seems like some of the last games I purchased (bf4 and gta5) we're just beta's, and with the way bf4 is I think everyone should receive t...

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no asshat randy pitchford/gearbox did it with aliens colonial marines

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dude join a conquest match, because every time i do, it puts me into team deathmatch.

i've gotten frustrated with this game lately, i want to play conquest, it gives me team deathmatch, rush or something else. and when it finally does load, it crashes to dashboard.

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i like the sp in games, feel i get more for my $60 than just playing multi only. SP allows you to practice against AI and test out weapons before you hop into online.

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Same boat man, I could not get into the cartoonish graphics and the weekly code for unlocks I always missed..

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This guy is an asshat, fucked up colonial marines and didn't even give it two thoughts. Never will I buy anything associated with gearbox again.

Hope he dies in a fire

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$60, you mean $110 when I paid for premium, and my favorite thing is getting onto a server, selecting my class and being thrown back to dashboard.

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Oh good thing the double xp will be over by then, I keep crashing and cannot search for any mode with populated servers.

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