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Combat controls are fine. The point of combat in that game is that you have to develop your own technique (not just rely on levelling), and that encounters with multiple enemies are dangerous as they would be in real life.

KC is one of the most unique games of the past decade, so you’re missing out by giving up on it.

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The original Mass Effect trilogy was made in a society that was better and which had superior values.

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Oh no, people having fun at work: they must be stopped!

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I would argue that a great many things have contained those issues throughout all of human history. They're eternal themes present in most stories and fictional worlds.

What separates modern Bioware games from the old is that they're propaganda (they don't raise questions but deliver answers) which serves an angry cult hell-bent on forcing through its desired changes to the world without question.

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The only bigots were at Resetera.

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And now is the time to boycott this game.

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In other words, the author is too lazy to properly parent their children, so wants the state to do it for them.

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Seems like you have a bad boss. I don't see what that has to do with the lower cost of living outside of expensive cities.

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The answer is to move out of expensive cities.

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A temporary bump produced by relentless campaigning from the feminist mainstream media. It won't last.

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Its popularity is not in infancy, because that implies a growth that isn't going to happen.

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Examples of SJW language and argumentation used:

"This depiction plays into racist assumptions people make about black men"
"his re-translated dialogue now also emphasizes Americanized ideals about masculinity"
"Many fans were indeed hoping for a modernization of Barret" (note the word "modernization")
"whenever a black character comes on screen with the wild problematic features and just overall behavi...

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It's deceptive to argue that Kotaku is making a case for authenticity to the Japanese when the language and arguments they have used reveal their motivation to be to attack FF7 for not catering to their ideologically-influenced sensibilities.

Furthermore, the English version of FF7 is arguably no less authentic than the Japanese at this point, given the quantity of international sales, and how it is these versions that people in their respective territories have fond re...

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Thankfully there is a language barrier which prevents arrogant, self-absorbed Western SJWs from corrupting Japanese minds as they have those in their own countries.

So we're still likely to get an authentic FF7 remake, and not a piece of social propaganda wearing its clothing.

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"We encourage trash talk, but not [definition of trash talk]"

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And the same thing is happening in the West.

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You can think someone is rude and unpleasant and still respect their property rights to the things they have purchased.

I doubt you're an angel yourself.

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Playstation refugees are welcome on the PC.

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You think this because you are hedonist who values material comfort over beauty.

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