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The demo ended so abruptly as well. I mean I didn't expect a HAPPY ending, but I expected one to remember.

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Seriously? Was that the best you could do?

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Milestone, not THE title to have. Try to read more carefully.

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I don't think you can just single Xbox 360 out like that. If the playstation was hackable, people would be doing it just the same. Look at the Wii, DS, PSP, PS2, original xbox.All were hackable, all are being pirated. Just because it's impossible to do on PS3 doesn't mean that PS3 owners are any less innocent.

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Wow, a little harsh there, don't you think?

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Actually, they never stated that the people they laid off were in the Gaming and Entertainment division. It was actually on the business side of the company that got hit.

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nice challenge. im willing to bet it won't even sell a million first day though

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I don't think it's possible unless I see Killzone 2 ads before movies shown at the theater like Halo 3 did. MARKETING, and MAYBE it could come close.

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real hot show. noone else doing it like this

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Signs of desperation? Truth != Desperation

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i think the game is good but still think sony sucks for removin ppl's creations

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Which is why I said Socom alone won't save it when the Fall onslaught is upon us. Granted, I did leave Wipeout and Motorstorm out of the onslaught category because I didn't consider the first Motorstorm to be a fun game and I am not interested in Wipeout 3. Thanks for failing to make your own pathetic point and in the process proving mine, though.

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I never said PS3 has no games. Where in my article did I say that? Nowhere. I said I have no games to play on my PS3. Did you blockheads ever stop to think that I may have played all of the games worth playing already? No, you're just assuming out of your ass and it really makes you look like idiots.

Stop trying to read between lines that don't exist, because it just shows the rest of the sane world how idiotic and pathetic you really are. You'll fight to the death for your con...

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I do own a PS3, don't assume, it makes an ass out of u and me.

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It's not that PS3 has no games, it's that the games PS3 does have (and it DOES have good ones) are old and I've already played. I'm not going to continue playing the same game for 3-6 months waiting for the next best thing, hence, Im looking for NEW games. You guys sometimes are thickheaded. Any game worth having in the psat few months I either have played on 360 and are multiplatform (not ashamed in saying i buy multiplats for 360 and i dont consider multiplats toward the "Has no games&...

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Nice, whenever i search google for games, i always come across some crap. at least this way, that crap can be weeded out and make room for quality.

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And don't say anything about PCs need games to be installed too. Serious PC gamers build their PCs with 500 gigs of hd space or more. The most you can get out of a PS3 out of the box is 80, which is alot considering Sony also encourages you to download PSN Store content, watch movies and listen to music, as well as all the pointless crap they want you to throw onto your console (Home, LWP, [email protected], etc)

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Nice points.

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if you bother to even read the actual blog post, he asks what do users think a paid subscription for PSN should have over XBL. Seems PS3 related to me.

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