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Whoever said anything about him flaming, though? Try listening to the podcast.

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I agree ten fold with your entire post. Doesn't take a genius to realize these things, but it does take a fanboy to deny them.

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So EA sets an embargo date of April 7th, and HipHopGamer of course is the first to break it. Not only did he break the date irresponsibly, but he did so with horrendous writing and a very unprofessional tone. How can anyone allow crap like this to surface and muster within the gaming community?

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This article is completely opinionated. It's not about the actual news that RapeLay is out there, but it contains the views of an AnalogHype writer about the types of things RapeLay is promoting in Japan, and whether or not he thinks it's gone too far. Sorry, but noone's copying anyone.

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Yes I also noticed that. I had never seen it until now, so I figured it was new, but I didn' see it in the list of updates so I made no mention of it. Thanks for clarifying it's a new feature

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Quite possibly some of the best music I've heard in a while.

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Wii won't need to join the fight. Nintendo and the Wii enthusiasts are laughing because there is no fight to be had for them. They're like Sweden during World War 2, or all the other neutral countries: except they really don't have to care.

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I don't think its shallow at all to want that. Great graphics doesn't have to come at the expense of great gameplay. a good balance of both is necessary for any game.

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lmao i know right?

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Yea right, tell that to Nintendo.

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Yea it seems like Halo Wars will do alot better than I'd originally thought.

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eeeeeeh im not a big fighting game guy but street fighter is the most fun i've ever had with fighting games

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Game sounds really good. Dammit I can't wait for a demo now.

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I completely agree, it made the maps very unbalanced and took away important multiplayer gameplay elements.

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indoubtedly, who doesn't? takes no skill. Any map with tanks is just a race to see who can get to them first. the winner of the race basically wins the match if their entire team makes it there.

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The modders always win *sighs*

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I wanted to get this game but i think ill rent now.

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The article focused strictly on the United States. European sales to be disregarded, and figures taken into account over the past year were worldwide.

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I'm sorry, but I distinctly remember this being an article about multiplatform sales? I could be wrong, though...

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Multiplats do sell well on the PS3, but not NEARLY as well as on the 360. that's the point here.

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