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wow, really?

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A lot of people seem to do that in their free time, anyway.

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Not really since we all know GT will be > Forza =P

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Really wish robert would've won

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Yea i listened to it, very good episode

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I asked myself the same question. But someone else brought up an interesting point: that perhaps it confirms the notion that 60% of the PS3 install base are only there for the blu ray.

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lmfao that would be dope

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It sounds like it very well could be.

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I don't think anyone was attacking the actual site, just the possibility of the actual rumor. All he was saying was the points brought up wouldn't make sense, he didn't say "oh well the HHG site is stupid for this and that and blah blah"

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Completely unnecessary on your part, 8.2

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But the GPU is locked down to the Linux OS

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Which, if you read the article, the author touches on that conference call. The fact that the game hasn't been CONFIRMED for xbox 360, however, is what's being touched on here. It was only ever OFFICIALLY announced for the PS3.

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Great points. It just wouldn't make sense at all. If anything, the only feature that makes sense is online storage, and even then MSoft shouldn't charge more for that (not like they would add that since their memory cards are overpriced and make them a nice chunk of change.

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Sony didn't "make" Rockstar though. Rockstar made Rockstar with their great games. I'm sure that if GTA series was timed exclusive for the original Xbox, it would've done just as well.

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wait, so you're openly admitting that you will be pirating FUEL? Wow. If your distaste for the Xbox 360 is that strong, you really need to reevaluate yourself.

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3496d ago

Free roam isn't just a gimmick, it's become a viable genre and a lot more developers are beginning to cater to it with the added freedom that comes with the hardware we have now. You'll just have to not play a lot of great game that have free roaming, I guess.

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Right, and your pointless attempts at insulting my intelligence has summoned the ever-so-ruthless fail whale. Try again next time.

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Author wrote a comment in response to a similar assumption on the site:

FUEL Will be what Motorstorm should've been.
written by Quentyn, April 17, 2009
Never said I did play Motorstorm 2, thanks for assuming though. Played the first one, however, and Pacific Rift.

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Or you're too dumb if you don't know the general meaning behind the word "lackluster" and all that it entails.

1. lacking brilliance or radiance; dull: lackluster eyes.
2. lacking liveliness, vitality, spirit, or enthusiasm: a lackluster performance.
3. a lack of brilliance or vitality.
Also, especially British, lacklustre.

Therefore, Motorstorm just wasn't that great. And if you actually read more than the fir...

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