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is he standing on the robot's genitals?

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lol the wii u has trouble surpassing the ps3...the ps4? give me a break...sony will have the most powerful console once again

but in regards to the argument that had to do with pcs vs consoles...PCs are used to build console games so I'd like to think that PC > consoles and PCs have the ability to play console games through emulators try playing Uncharted 3 on PC lol the improvements are very noticeable!

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77 for the bears at least give us an 80

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I don't think remastering games affects them in the wrong way at any aspect of the imagination...I understand if the games are remade then that could kill the nostalgic feel, but seeing a game with a smoother framerate, better graphics/sound, and more responsive controls could only be a good thing especially to classics that some people have not experienced playing! Take the God of war collection for example...did anyone actually have a problem with it being remastered after they played i...

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lol @ forza....halo just sucks and gears of war is broken...the only games that are any good on the 360 are mass effect 2 and fable 2...fable 2 is good but mass effect 2 is excellent...u have to be delusional to think any of those games are up to par with uncharted 2, god of war 3 and killzone 2 (those 3 games in my opinion are better than any games on the 360) not including how much fan ratchet and clank is compared to banjo and kazooie loolll

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owning both the PS3 and the 360 is the way to go...but in all honesty the Wii still holds its own thanks to Super Mario Galaxy and the virtual console having so many great classics

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the title is definitely misleading...the ps3 has some great games but in my opinion the 360 and the ps3 are pretty much tied up this gen...ps3 has my favorite exclusives in MGS4, Uncharted 2 and God of War 3, but the 360 still has the bigger library of games and the online experience is much better than the ps3 (even though PSN is really starting to catch up)

PS2 still has the greatest library ever in my opinion...the console was just too epic and the PS3 will have to do a lot to...

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for sure thanks for the help man

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hey guys does demon's souls have offline co-op...tried finding out last night but couldn't find anything online about it...thanks

& congrats to demon's souls for ps3 game of the year and overall game of the year can't wait to play it

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the demo was fun and all the action was awesome...but is it just me or does bayonetta seem way too powerful?? Even the bosses were way too easy...overall the demo was fun and the reviews prove that the game will be as well

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totally agree kingdom hearts series (with news on kingdom hearts 3 thanks) would be huge for me...also of course the MGS series, final fantasy 10, jak & daxter series, r&c series, ico & SoTC, and all the RE games wouldn't hurt either (lol never hated zombie dogs as much as I did in RE: Code Veronica)

I would also like to see some of the dreamcast games make their way to the 360 or the PS3...sonic adventure 1 & 2 & power stone come to mind.

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just got the beta code as an email...can't wait to try it out tonight

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Arkham Asylum Game of the Year...to me it was a toss-up between that and Uncharted 2, but both games honestly deserved it Uncharted 2 was a masterpiece and Arkham Asylum made the greatest super hero game ever hands down. As long as the broken Modern Warfare 2 doesn't get Game of the Year I'll be happy...that game is way too broken and basically a rehash of COD4...nothing new except for the theoretically much improved but factually broken online multiplayer.

Btw someone tell activ...

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huh? disturbed much???

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totally agree...I hope they spread out all these titles more March is already going to kill our wallets next year.

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Looks very promising...I have to admit I was a little disappointed with ODST so I'll have to wait to see if there are any major improvements gameplay-wise. With Crackdown 2, Mass Effect 2, Call of Duty (it's basically a 360 exclusive because of XBL) and Halo, next year is going to be a big one for Microsoft and maybe it's biggest yet. 2010 is looking to be a great and expensive year for all gamers.

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too many good games...

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i don't get your point you say that sales are saying otherwise...but wouldn't having more games mean that the sales numbers will be much lower than if the PS3 just had a couple of good titles?...lower sales means that there are more games to choose from. LOL the only franchise that actually "sells" according to xbox fanboy logic is Halo

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Yes, you're right Sony is a member, but it is also the head of the board of directors for the BD-Rom group. Sony gets the highest percentage of royalties out of the group therefore if MS was to adopt Blu-ray then they will be allowing Sony to make a pretty nice profit out of their own games. Nintendo could basically care less with the amount of cash they made off the Wii, and as long as the Wii HD will be affordable at launch ($250 or less is my expectation) they will still win the next conso...

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