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so the PSP is not a sony console?? So sony loses i guess?

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LOL i have this game. I have fun on it wenever it works lol. But im not gonna play it much until they release all the stuff they promised on it. So hopefully they do somethin soon.

I agree with the score until this game is fixed.

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The PSP has the highest numbers by far. Even Destroying the nintendo wii and DS..

Sony still wins.

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I was hoping that this game would finally topple HALO in reviews since nobody else can get the job done. But with sites like it seems that HALO will remain the number one shooter (average review wise) After seeing things like this I will no longer take metacritic seriously.

If the game is better then resistance 1 in every way. How does it recieve a lower score?? I dont know much but to me that doesnt make much sense. So im just gonna end it here. over n ouT

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Every single time i sign onto this site anothre war has started. This is probably the craziest one i have seen so far. Next up.. Playstation HOME VS New XBOX Xperience. Thats gonna be epic.

Im gonna return here on the day of those launches and watch the arrows fly like never before.

Onto more important things. The people doing this are the dumbest people that have ever laid theyre slimy lil fingers on a videogame controler. First off nobody even cares about user ...

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I did not read the full article because im a lazy bastard.

But I hope they included Solidus from metal gear 2 in that list.

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I dont understant why people keep calling all the big titles 1.5 of the previous ones. It seems on N4G nothing can be great enough to just have a 2 behind it. Halo 2.5, Gears 1.5. WTF??

It does not have to be a huge leap. It is simply a continuation of the previous game. Basically just what happens next.

I know this is a sony site now so saying anything about a PS3 game is pure Blasphemy. But is God Of War 3 going to get the same treatment as all these ".5&q...

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And I mean NOTHING will ever replace the Attitude Era.

The only good smackdown games that are worth a damn are Smackdown "here comes the pain" with brock lestner on the cover. Then the very first smackdown on ps1. Which was exciting to play at its time. Here comes the pain is still fun to this day.

BUT... No smackdown game will ever come close to what AKI has done on the N64. WCW vs NWO Revenge, Wrestlemania 2000, and WWF No Mercy will always be the gre...

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You are absolutely right in ever way shape and form

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If YOU dont like. You dont buy

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yessir.. sega all day

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That might be the truest thing i have heard on this site.

Have a bubble sir

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I hate you right now man

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Damn. If i didnt already have a PS3 i would LOVE to pick up one of these Megat Gear Bundles. Anyway i cant wait to get my hands on this game. Its gonna be a very exciting week.

If ANYONE needs an online clan for METAL GEAR ONLINE, Please hit me up on PSN.

There are 10 members at the moment and counting. Most members are true UN BIASED gamers, and are hardcore Metal Gear Fans.

PSN / OC_Furious_Dre for more details

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Yea the XBOX 360 is officially the place to be for the RPG player as myself. Didnt see this comming for miles, but it turns out to be true. I cant believe there even getting this game first. This is just maddness.

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i was typing pretty damn fast when i wrote that.. kinda funny..

i meant do urself a favor...

anyway just go DL the game.

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Aye i just downloaded Battlefield Bad Company demo on 360

shyt is AMAZING

Once the Playstation Store is up and running PLEASE do urself and get the demo. Ill get the demo from the PS Store as soon as its up and runnin again. OC_Furious_Dre PSN ID..

Yes please DL this game

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couldnt agree more

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Rainbow 6 Vegas (original)

That game is the worst port i think i have ever played.

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HALO 3 does not have to be much different from the second one.

It is a continuation of part 2. Just like LOTR, MGS, DOOM, UNREAL TOURNAMENT.

WHY are you under the impression that it has to be so much different. They were just finishing what they started. Which is the fight. Fight is over in Halo now. So please stop crying about it.

Im not gonna agree or disagree.

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