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Excited to cradle them lucio balls

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Get back into the kitchen

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No response sega? Did I strike a chord? Too busy fantasizing about children being subjected to your basement dwelling treats that your hick family has passed down through the inbred bloodline? I am praying for you at temple.

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Because you're a sicko that is getting your rocks off on a child being exposed to adult things and it makes you laugh. To you, a crying child sounds like orgasm instead of distress. Get help.

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You sound like a rapist by the joy you're getting from this .

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Definitely the most feel good story I've read in awhile. You know that girl is scarred for life and in about 10 years will be a grade A slut.

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Then get on back to Gawker with rest of the drones.

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Kotaku is the devil

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And yeah it was some random barn. They cheaped out of a legit show to have people go from a barn to a shit venue to listen to some guy blow a horn. Get with it pal.

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You're adorable. I thought that was kingdom hearts being shown there for the third time. But thanks for fixing me up chief.

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Aw ken. That's the response that I expected from the author of this article. You summed it up right there pal. Can't take the heat.

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I Will Admit It, Mammoth Gamers is a low tier site.

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Crack kills

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What game pal? Never said squat about any game. Get real chief.

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You nerds realize that the app isn't even open? That's a custom background on the dashboard and the rewards app is just pinned on the home screen. For instance on my xbone I have my background set to that barn from Sony's pathetic e3 conference.

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Yeah yeah that's the best Microsoft can do boooy

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Better virus than the HIV

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Sounds like you love the dick :)

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