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@bigE... bubbles for ya.. Exactly I expected a little thanks from the kids.. Cheap kids

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Like the last line of the article

"And monopolies are never a good thing for competition and innovation. JUST LOOK AT MICROSOFT FOR PROOF"

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LOLLol that was a nice comparison really :p

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have 33 Red Rings of Death. Yes

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@BloodySinner: We(Indians) can speak english better than majority of the US citizens. That is something remarkable for people whose mother tongue language is completely different from English

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Lol nix ur comment cracked me up... M$$$ desperate to catch up in JP

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Total lazy guy.. Watched his interview of this one. Just because he hasnt done multi core programs and everything is new and hard to learn he says its a waste.. Sure he is one lazzzy lazzy gay

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@JC FYI i ONLY OWN a PS3. I dont have to shut up.. I can raise my opinion out of my personal experience.. and for your information I am also not interested in ever buying a Xbox 360.

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One more annoyance in owning a PS3... I am starting to believe better loading times in xbox 360 even without a HDD

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The article writer has bad sense of humour :p

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1080i is visually less appealing than 720p and especially in big monitors its still worse

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Bring it on sony.. Another diamond in the crown

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