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Let's not pretend your not a narcissist......lol seriously

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Can't call yourself a square fan and not have a PlayStation this isn't 1994

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Every time you do something you haven't done before the game changes that includes enemies it will slowly get harder you'll notice even the traps getting harder the weapons will get crazy also these games are built to make you think you have beat them but it's just a check point your second playthrough is a different game

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I did just that last year I pay $30-40 a year ps now (online multiplayer is included at no extra charge) alot of kids forgot literally the first rule of the internet .....don't believe anything you see on the internet they to easily influenced becuz they only read headlines then start spewing mis information like diarrhea of the mouth

For me ps nows massively bigger library and better exclusives at 1/3 of the price(you have to have ultimate)trump's game passes day ...

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I forgot about singularity I played that multiplayer for a while thought it was good they went all out making every class unique I believe sniper was that 8 legged wall crawler medic was a human or something like that if ps+/ps now/gamepass was around then that game would of been popular

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That one trailer with her in the house is more AAA story content that's in all of doom 2016 almost (I just played doom a few months ago it's fresh in my head still)

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How is it ok that doom is full priced but this isn't supposed to be?

If this is over priced then so are all shooters imo

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The ps5 (playing the ps3 version )would be super bright and washed out with auto HDR

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Yes I really hope they add full browser support

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Good ps5 now turns HDR off for non HDR content trials of cold steel should look good now

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Right agreed BUT the conception is the store closes and if it's not stored on a local drive or a disk it's gone

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You can't buy games anymore ffs people act like you are going to loose your library or something why are people so dumb

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Why? The guy hasn't done nothing bad the pc games was in motion before he took over and the censorship is law not has nothing to do with sony

Anything else?

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That's just bad luck but it can confuse some people that's for sure....I don't know why I never have this stuff installed I don't play it ever

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I'm a guy with a background in construction I spend alot of time outside you have to excuse me for not seeing much of a difference in what I said and what your saying

It's like me telling you a 7018 rod isn't exactly like a 7010 sure technically I'm right but does it matter

I get what your saying but word play don't do nothing but piss me off if I'm honest

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Ps5 Ssd can multitask like the cell cpu could in the ps3 from what I understand

Something new and kool for the engineers to play with for the next few years I'm guessing

I'm personally just happy with the faster loading couldn't put my finger on what was wrong last gen untill all the ssd talk started but that was it I had to drop pillers of eternity on ps4 after 100 hours 30 hours of it was loading screens

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Yea why not....I'll take your advice but I have one question how much puzzle variety does it have?

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Yea it's not helping ps now at all makes it so people can act like gamepass gets all the games sooner are longer

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To be fair I've played alot of games on psnow months before they got put on gamepass like doom eternal, control, Wolfenstein games just to name a few they get alot of the same games it's just if psnow gets a games it's swept under a rug 6 months later gamepass gets same game it's greatest thing ever

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I got both vr and ps5 if I won't to use the vr all I need is the adapter and in fact psvr works on ps5 so I repeat STFU people like you is why I've been court ordered anger management twice I will fuck u up in real life

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