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Game looks really cool, I'll wait for the physical release sometime next month

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That's me and Witcher 3. Amazing game but with my backlog I'll probably never have the time to jump back in, in the middle of the story, and remember how to do everything

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If I'm playing smash bros, docked. Anything else I'm just laying in bed playing

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It's kind of a shame really. Nintendo hardware is usually known for being very well made and good quality. The Joycons, even right out of the box, feel kinda cheap. Hopefully if they ever put out a pro model they fix these issues

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Not really, I don't know why I'm seeing so many PS hate articles lately

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Pokemon skyrim w/ customization (Trainer looks, music, starter pokemon, which gen to start out to first, etc) would be AMAZING. Not to mention online support w/ tournaments.

They prob won't make it though because it would be the only and last pokemon game people would ever buy.

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1. Soul Silver
2. Fire Red
3. Sapphire
4. White
5. Diamond

Original games were great at the time but are fucking unplayable for me now. Remakes are a lot better.

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13 is garbage, 12 is still playable and I can just download somebodies custom roster to get the rookies from this year.

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Can't believe people are saying it's not a big deal that Crash and Spyro aren't in the game. There two of the most popular PS characters. It's like having SSBM without Link or Donkey Kong. Not even a FF character or Lara Croft? From gameplay to the roster this game is completely average at best.

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Play N Trade does this to. If it weren't for the prices that take forever to drop I would go there instead of GS.

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Downloaded in like 5 min for me

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This game without Crash is like Smash Bros. without Mario or Link.

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It's not even going to be better than SSBM , no way any where close to being one of the best fighting games.

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Are there more fighting combos besides square and holding square? I've only played the demo but it's really awesome from what i've played.

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12 is the only decent one this gen. gameplay is decent but has many flaws like qb trajectory, superhuman jumping linebackers, bare bones franchise and superstar mode. If you had to get a madden thats the best this gen.

Or you could download tecmo superbowl with updated rosters :D

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Horrible reasons, IMO. Connected careers is just a new name for franchise and superstar mode, and you get to switch between players and coaches...yay...

Presentation looks like a crappy verison of CBS, commentary in the demo was decent, better than 12.

"new" infinity engine plays like crap and actually looks like it made the graphics worse. Plays almost as awkward as Backbreaker.

I'm not giving EA $60 for this trash game, bet...

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Sony and MS do the same exact thing w/ there franchises. Halo, Resistance, Gears, COD, GOW, etc

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I have a PS3 and like it way better than 360 but your totally right. PSN just looks kinda boring while XBL seems more lively. Def not worth paying for though.

"We all know N4G is infested with PS fanboys." Also right.

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I don't know about the 360s menu being better but the PS3 xmb could def use a face lift. At least let us customize it a little bit.

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Why not Mega Man? He's had a few games on PS and I can easily see him being in one of these kind of games.

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