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This goes great with rift apart finally hitting over a million also.

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Thanks for pointing out the Hypocrisy even though blue point may be okay.

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They did. It did so so. Which isn't bad for a semi Sony AAA experience. Only 1/4 sales of Nintendo Pokemon snap though. Enough for them to keep making games but, you were delusional if you thought this game was gonna be a system seller.

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What is the date in June if you really believe that right now.

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Actually Halo and gears are both much bigger franchises than Ratchet. If you mean next gen though we will have to wait till they are actually released. Since the actual dates are the only actual dates.

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Too Bad none of you all aren't brave enough to say that date in June. Or the people like you pretend like I did not tell you from the beginning I was not talking about today or pretending that I made such a ridiculous claim about the NFL. Even though you, me and everyone are sure I did not say something that dumb. Yeah I am the only one that proved it. 14 years of running scared and still now.

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It sold 7.3 million in 2 months and 1 million less than the last game. That still blows out any Sony game.

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Especially on this site.

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Oh this is not one of the things that I am Absolutely sure is false with proof like some things. I honestly wanted to know and I will Absolutely Always need proof even if it's only proof of a rumor. Still thanks.

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Where/who did you hear this from?

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You waited all day for that!

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Oh you know why Einstein.

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Yeah its not hard to tell. They are not 100 percent bias but, close.

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Did you manage to get the proof with numbers, stats, facts so far or is it only your opinion. If only I could find one Einstein. Obviously not talking about PS5. Everybody gonna go out like that. Is that real or nah.

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I'll upvote you since I could have swore you were ragging on lastgenbox. I'm the one.

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Your so proud of that little list haha. At least it's better than lastgenbox right haha. Funny.

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Ohhh Booo HOOO. THEY BOTH SUCK BOY.<--xbox and playstation

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Hype didn't live up for everyone. It happens.

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What is the number for the higher overall across the board average that he claimed for nfl football? Or the stats if you really got proof? Watch this I don't know what you are talking about. NO actually NO one has any counter to me.

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