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Fred-G-Sanford + 54m ago
Is anyone really surprised by this? The pre-orders for this game have been a joke.

This isn't last generation, boys. Gamers have moved on to bigger and better games.

GT5p sold 5.09 million units, more than Forza3.

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Its simple to throw a review under the bus specifically for the GT franchise. Its a simple game, its just driving. Most GT fans know the feel of GT's physics, and all there is really to debate is visuals & features. You're blind if you claim Direct Feed/Screens/Scans aren't the pinnacle of photoreal visuals for this generation. Look at the counter argument, how is his opinion outweigh your own eyes? It doesn't. How did the time trial demo feel? Felt ...

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terrible writing... the guy should go to college. The article is just plain bad. Hard to sift through, if its this bad. probably the worst article approved on n4g.

and thats saying a lot.

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Worst GT coverage ever...

The guy claims theres no ingame soundtracks.. says the drifting sucks..Need For Speed is better, the cockpit view sucks, the cars suck compared to forza(premium) the tracks suck, and its too hard.

Epic Win Gamespot! You secured this years MS check! They have 0 positive things to say. Count it. He says he cant play it, and rams other cars which he is penalized for..which is stupid to him.

yes this is the person review...

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i hate when people try to use the hindu excuse.

A sideways swastika circled in white with red, or just sideways is the sign for Nazis. the right way isn't getting banned, as its not a swastika...

Hindu's didn't use it sideways...
Hindu's didn't use it sideways...
Hindu's didn't use it sideways...

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Difference between Sony & Microsoft...

Microsoft is boasting & Bragging about giving away free kinects & counting them & hiring people to wait in a line...and claiming victory based on giving them away... claiming the demand will be that great.

Sony isnt. They moved a mill, and said it was what their goal was.. for their Add-On.

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raz, 30fps.

The other game also switches out models from the start of the race, with the cameras angles all around the car.. and when you start the race. 2 different LOD's.

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yet you're fine with 8 cars... no weather/night/particles/photo reality..

the game is 1-16 cars, just like prologue.

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THANK YOU for having the temerity to respond.

However I can't help but see that you just agree, and are just confirming how much you agree with your response. As its lacking any real response to the lack of shown potential from Kinect being any more than words & PR.

I am responding to the direct comparisons of potential. Potential is defined by offering better & more technically advanced gaming than the 360. This was the se...

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How about they just release the same game over again with more bugs? Its a winning formula so far.

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Yep. i'm 100% confident GT isn't going to out-score forza3. Which is a shame. But they fell over themselves claiming Forza3 was perfect due to its features...

So.. not quite sure whats going to happen here.

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Whats sad is that you're comparing a console to an add-on.Its not the software that people are waiting on, its the technology behind natal being shown as revolutionary, and the only thing it can pull off is Ricochet.

PS3 fans didn't call it a waitstation, 360 fans/media did due to the bigger exclusive titles being pushed back, however there were games like Resistance Fall Of man that walked all over the 360s' hardware capabilities. Sony showed its potential with t...

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most GT5/Sim folk are happy..

Forza3 fans though... they think Grid's rewind feature is key to driving well... "what if i screw up?!?!" Well.. you screw up. Kinda the point of a sim. Example of non sim fans:

1. waseem335 + 7h ago
maybe people dont like having to go through 10 lap races repeatedly just because of 1 little error??.....

2. T9X69 + 5h ago For example, I was playing an endurance race in Forza 3 on ...

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which have absolutely no bearing on the clear as day image of demand Microsoft is trying to promote with stating you should buy one now, since they will be slim finds come the holidays. In fact, Microsoft said this. Don't think that I need to reiterate it, but I will again. Microsoft said buy one now, because it will be hard to do over the holidays.The public isn't saying this. With aftermarket, second hand, or auction sales in November. Microsoft is, while their product is available,...

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And that rule has permeated through the media like some disgusting virus. Now that 360 exclusives outside of shooters can't hit those #'s, everyone is still latching onto that retarded logic, and applying it to 360 games.

Games don't need to sell 8 mill in the first hour in order to get a sequel. Sony has proven that & bigger quality sequels time and time again with minimal sales.

360 fans have hyped sales since day one of this generation due...

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Also, GTA isn't a Sony franchise. Its been on almost all consoles. NM, i keep forgetting most 360 owners have no concept of gaming outside of halo.

Alan Wake, much like Metro, Crackdown, & Banjo Kazooie, Ninja Blade, Splinter Cell, RacePro, all flop because the 360 audience is saturated in hype. If its not hyped, no one is going to buy it. And MS only has so much money invested in their titles to hype. Its mainly only been Fable, Gears, Halo, and whatever multiplat i...

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I'd expect most people have been waiting for this day for a while.. as they didn't flock away from the franchise.

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Microsoft is trying to artificially cause demand. To make it seem as if Kinect is sold out everywhere..although much like you guys.. you can go to or most stores and see them around.. and its everywhere.

I think its a good time to be in business school & watch this, as it doesn'...

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But it was thrown under the bus back in the Hate Sony Smear Campaign days... Heavenly Sword did as wwell.. Even though Lair's controls sucked.. also not possible on the 360. Ratchet & Clank, yet again. MGS4, you guessed it. GT5prologue, yep.. not possible on the 360.

Uncharted1 was the first to kinda pass over the media hate of sony, but it was still flopped for no online.. and having a 1 hour campaign, and was called 'dude raider' even though it had nothing t...

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