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This is basically the last moment to stop a games version of Disney from forming. This entire deal is so dam transparent, i'm shocked people can even be ok with this.

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I find it bizarre the Jim Ryan doesn't see the profit in their legacy. Nintendo has been milking it's legacy forever, and it's worked. If PS5 has just the PS1 and PS2 libraries readily available to it, it'd be a massive selling point for sony.

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I know it does. But here they are telling the world the game simply has "techinal issues" when i know people who have played 2 other versions of the game and haven't had a problem. Why give people like this the time of day? Screw em.

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"persona-lite"? Primitive visuals? This game is one of atlus best looking games and it's predecessor's pre-date persona. What performance issues? I've played on ps5 and it's ran flawlessly.

Stop trying to make this game out to be some train wreck, which it isn't. It's disgusting how this game is being treated by some people.

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It's not mid, maybe if you played the game you'd know that.

272d ago 2 agree0 disagreeView comment even close. Why are we stopping at Final Fantasy anyway. Aren't there plenty of Sqaure Enix worlds worth visiting. I would bet alot of people would like to visit something related to Chrono Trigger for example.

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Then play some that are shorter, fool.

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Can we get a real review please? Who goes to ign for reviews anyway....or who goes to ign period. 10 would be great if they didn't hand them put like candy.

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You just know the writer will get it day 1 anyway.

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All other questions is that bad? People are happy.

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Are you dense? You know how much work they've probably put into scale bound for Microsoft to cancel it? People want to play it too.

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Breath of Fire 3?

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Go look up Nagoryuki in Guilty Gear Strive, I'll wait.

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Japan would never allow it

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I hope he succeeds. If it's translated I'l support his dream.

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Persona is a Shin Megami Tensei spin-off made to be different in the first place (especially in the modern day). There's no real answer to this because each game will speak to different people. There are SMT fans that don't have an interest in persona and probably some persona fans that don't have an interest in SMT. But you can bet there are plenty who will fall in the middle and be down to play both as long as they're not expecting either game to be what they aren't.

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Hello? Persona?

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Changing the genre? By homaging the past? I don't think so. Octopath traveler was enjoyable and chill, but its gimmicky concept was its innovation AND its shortcoming. Every character having their own story was cool, but there's nothing to tie it all together. there are even scenes that make 0 sense because the character is literally in a full party....

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It's also got the spawn point right infront of the bonefire too....

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They've proven themselves to be skilled developers, I'm sure they can make whatever they put their mind to.

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