sweet steam just take my money


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Just add a toggle to turn them on and off in the options menu. Lets people that want them have them and those that don't can turn them off.

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Question A:
1 and 3
Question B:

Maybe give us the option when we are logged in to toggle seeing opinion piece articles. Just be able to hide them all. It probably way to much work but just a suggestion.

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I think it was the music rights expired. At least I still own it

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But they didn't announce standardized 60fps

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I think they need picks and bans before role que

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Don't charge 92 dollars for your season pass XD

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Whats that in the distance its the cease and desist email. Every time i see one these articles I'm like wow that looks sweet to bad its gonna be shut down at least from the public. Like all the others.

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The new spiderman was my game of the year. There wasn't any other game that I play this year that just made me smile and want to go back to play. It was the first game in a long time that I bought all the dlc for. Which is something I never really do anymore.

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Gotta show more then a teaser trailer. I'm glad they are proud but lets see some more stuff

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The daybreak games Columbus Nova saga. We had a lot of layoff this year from different studios and some even closed but I don't we had any studio as bad as this. I mean it trickled down into the regular news. Then they layoff 60-70 people later down the road then recently another 25. Throw in the nightmare that was there esport league falling apart for h1z1 and then they decide hey lets announce a new arena shooter based in planetside universe and it has battle royale. I mean yay they ar...

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Reminds me of battle fantasia. Looks good

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So sea of theses with more stuff?

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Its always been rpg/mmorpgs. I always feel like I get the most bang for my buck. The ability to make your own character or to embody a character and just escape to a different reality were I don't have to worry about anything else and just live a different life with someone else flaws instead of my own. Wondering why the universe I'm in has developed this way and trying to figure it out like a puzzle in my head.

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I hate with a burning passion the meta, to break it down even further those people that will sit there in chat when your having a bad game and go uninstall you suck at this game. Back in the day you used to just get insulted with swearing but you could shrug it off but now its like make one mistake one bad game cause its outside the meta in a casual game nope. I need my kda to perfect you suck and everything. The toxic may be worse but I just can't stand how everyone things they are goin...

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The ablirty to revamp buttons exactly the way I want. It may sound crazy but when I'm playing almost any shooter even now the first thing my goes back to is halo 2 on the xbox. Maybe its the number of hours i put on that game playing the multiplayer or maybe it because button layout just felt right but every single time a new shooter comes out my mind goes for the love god is reload in the same place. Usually never is. Now I understand that with each new game they add more stuff for you t...

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i really wish sites would stop reporting on people posting recreated crap hell i wish people would stop posting there projects like this to public when they are just asking for a cease and desist order.

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I really hope that isn't the final combat or at least it more in-depth then that. I had flash back to playing the deathly hallows part 2 on Xbox minus a cover system. Here's hoping for something amazing!!

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They offered him a percent of profits but he said no.
This gonna be an interesting law suit.

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Well i guess it good they are putting the first one on steam but if this a better grandia 2 remaster then i wish they put it on steam a well

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Well those other companies need show me a reason to switch. They need to have a return policy. I'm not gonna spend 60 dollars to play a game that in year time will come out on steam. If they gonna stay exclusive they need to give me a reason to spend my money

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