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No one is locked in to a subscription service you can cancel at any moment or play elsewhere.

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If you've already beat it twice you'll be fine as you clearly understand the mechanics of the game. Switching up talent perks isn't going to be terribly difficult for you.

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He's 60 years old and been morbidly obese for the majority of his life. He won't be around forever and I fear when that day comes.

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@shinoff2183 Tell me how I am you don't know anything about me.

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Dang it feels good to clown all these losers that responded.

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You're on N4G the most delusional bunch of day laborers and hourly workers out there. Completely useless bunch of people to use for any type of metric other than low functioning statistics.

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You're a part of one of the most toxic communities in gaming. Thanks for admitting your embarrassing bias.

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Wow the N4G community finally showed up on Metacritic. Absolutely disgusting community over here.

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@neomahi and @DarXyde never fail to come in and post like some fanboy edge lords.

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Not a single person is questioning if it will release on Steam or not besides you.

Sony on the other hand would lock it down forever on console if given the opportunity.

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He's one of the most overpaid and worst executives in the business

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Metacritic is 86. Your math is terrible and you need some work on fractions.

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Outer Worlds was great. Starfield feels significantly larger and allows more freedom than that game.

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@EvertonFC Your opinion is always awful and not worth reading.

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Ok great.

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The grift continues.

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Anast doesn't read the articles. Just first to comment and soak up downvotes.

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The majority of N4G commenters are incapable of reading an article and comprehending it's meaning. That's just the unfortunate reality of this website.

They will always comment and give their opinion because they are delusional egotists craving upvotes.

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So looks as though a lot of us turn all these off, I thought I was a loner out there!

This is the first thing I do before I start any game.

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