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Your right about one thing, you can say whatever you want. What's striking to me is how you think your brigade is working. Obviously you think it is otherwise you would have given up by now. What is clear is you and others like that dedicated fella are never going to quit with the same antics and that is campaigning against the X1. I just don't get it and probably never will, which is why people can't just be accepting of one another instead of creating these barriers. The PS4 is ...

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Each day I come here validates what you said. Still, the blogs do interest me in the fact of how people think.

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1. I did form my opinion that is why I commented. You seem to not like the focus being shifted back to you. If a reviewer hates fps games and the whole review comes across as he can't enjoy the game because of it what benefit us that to anyone other than those who also hate fps? If that's the case then why bother with the review. It is the same way you come across. A person who has a bone to pick. What ends up happening is you going into titanfall topics and bringing down any exciteme...

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I GUARANTEE the person this is directed at will not offer a full reply. Instead they will deflect and respond with very little to explain himself.

Can someone please explain something to me in plain English? Why is the author of this article so consumed with the X1 when it is clear be had no interest in the product or the games or wanting the system to improve over time or get software that will make the system more enticing?

Are all of these blogs and all o...

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Many people still love Nintendo games I just think it's the console itself and gimmicks that bring down the desire to play them.

I doubt most will agree Knack is better than Super Mario 3D but PS4 owners are just looking for games to play on their new system. Nintendo isn't failing with its software (although they are slow at releasing content) it is the hardware that's the barrier. This is why Nintendo going 3rd party is being brought up.

I wro...

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Price definitely plays a factor. The X1 and PS4 are comparable systems the Wii U is not. That is why the PS4 and X1 are getting pretty much the same game support just like last generation. If the PS4 dominates then that system will get more exclusives. That's how the business structure works. I don't expect the PS4 to dominate like the PS2 but I do expect it to do the best overall.

I would take some comments here with a grain of salt from the regulars who have a hist...

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What I'm saying is Sony has other hardware that their games can tie into like tv's. Meaning consumers may tie their gaming experiences into other new hardware made by Sony. PS4 games will look great on a new TV. Nintendo doesn't make tv's. They also get no revenue from every Blu-ray sold or have their own music and video service. That's why Sony is able to sell at cost or below cost more so than Nintendo.

So you think Nintendo should just stay at status q...

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The extra time is certainly going to improve the game but I hope the delay isn't just so they have a better line up for Japan.

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Sorry for the late reply as I didn't even know my blog was up.

LIVE used to be able to get away with a surcharge early on because they brought online gaming to the mainstream in an easy to use way and making sure everyone had the same experience while offering a system voice chat that worked seamlessly across all games. Valve then came out with Steam and Sony got serious about online gaming after as well. So what happened is they are able to compete later on while remaini...

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It probably also needs to loosen it's hard cap of only allowing up to 5 minutes as well. I can understand they don't want large uploads and having long videos many don't take the time to watch but 5 minute clips might be an issue down the road. A simple update could likely fix that.

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A new system by the end of 2015 is very likely. The price of $249 is not if they plan to release a system competitive to the PS4 based on specs and price matching. Nintendo cannot price match Sony or Microsoft for that matter. Nintendo is simply a game company that's it.

Nintendo had also thrived in it's ability to offer something different. That is why I would like them to continue offering maybe something as small as a different controller like Steambox.

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Well you just proved what I thought all along, you only want to see what you want to see. We are talking about the X1. They have shown 15 exclusives at E3 last year why are you not talking about that? Why are you not comparing the PS4s output so far off exclusive titles to that of the X1? Why do you not talk about all the studios making games right now for the X1? Why don't you comment on how Microsoft has more games in development for the X1 than at any time in the history of the Xbox b...

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Did I say they would do well there? If you read my last paragraph it certainly didn't say that. The point is you are in no position to speak on the matter since your whole objective with the X1 is to make its forecast as bleak as possible regardless of the topic. You keep going on and on how they lost their way, how they are no longer focused on games, how they don't have any passion or much interest in games. That is certainly not the case so who exactly are you trying to fool with t...

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You know, for someone who seems to spend a considerable amount of time talking about Microsoft and the X1 you sure don't know much. I boil that down to two things, ignorance and negative campaigns towards the company. Do tell me, how does that lead into intelligent debates? The answer is it doesn't and that appears to be your whole point. You use this forum to vent your resentment and that is all. The question I have is when are you going to finally give up and move on to greener past...

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The problems facing Nintendo and the Wii U is much deeper than just the price.

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Which fan base on n4g is the most active? That core group will be the forefront of the issues that stem within the forums.

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It's blatantly clear many here need to move on. What do people gain being negative about a product day in and day out? What's the payoff? We have options so buy what you like and move on. So they dwell on the past.

Some here sound like they can't move onto a new relationship after they broke up with their girlfriend or boyfriend.

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Instead of all of us being happy the consoles all did quite well for December disproving the myth console gaming is dying due to tablets and smartphones many of us instead want to act like we work for these companies arguing over sales.

We've become quite pathetic actually when you think about it.

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I like this. They are open about it's development unlike many other games shrouded in mystery.

Game sounds good, the last one was just ok.

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I'd like to see more money go to developers as well. Gamestop does nothing for me. The issue is lots of people buy used games and that is where Gamestop tries to get most of that business. So you either support used games or you don't. Things like online passes are that that effective.

Games are slowly going digital which will change the used market landscape. It already has for the pc market.

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