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Ok so we have NCAA back. Now when do we get NFL back? It seems like it keeps getting pushed back further and further. It seems to me like at one point there should have either been a 2k9 or 2k10. I can't remember which it was but I have no idea when the license ends now. Any hope for a 2k15?

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For some reason, I consistently had problems with the mics on all my headsets. I would have amazing sound but couldn't ever talk to anyone. So I would get a different headset, and once again mic would stop working. So after about 7 or 8 headsets, I'm down to the basic headset that comes with the Xbox. Obviously no sound but at least I can chat.

I've had Astros, 2 or 3 Tritons, and 4 or 5 Turtle Beaches. Every single mic crapped out on me. Don't know why.

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I can't believe how much money I've spent on headsets. Now I look back and realize what a huge waste it was. They were nice to have but I can definitely do without them.

After spending upwards of 300 on headsets, I don't see me spending any more than $50 in the future.

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A 2013 game cannot be a 2012 top exclusive. Gonna give Halo a go. Maybe try out Deadlight.

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Good ol' Amazon.

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I disagree. I really don't think it will sell that well. The reason Angry Birds has so many downloads on handheld is because it was only 99 cents. I don't see people wanting to pay $40 for it. I'm gonna say it won't sell well at all.

If by some chance it does sell millions, I hope the world does end in December.

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I sure hope nobody is stupid enough to pay $40 for Angry Birds. What makes it worth 10x more than the handheld versions?

Honestly I was expecting them to inflate the prices a little but I was thinking $10-15 max. $40???

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Correct. Companies are allowed to name change. Not like they have to stick with it just because it was in a document.

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I know. I wasn't being serious either.

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Including the 4 Xs around it?


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@ digital.
1000 points on a game is a platinum. So you can determine skill if you would look through someone's profile. But is it easier to tell on PS3? Yes.

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I enjoy Forge, maybe even more so than the rest of the game. I love building and creating.

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If I had to guess I would say its about 8,000 achievements, so 8,000 trophies.

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Ah, yes. I remember when I passed 200k. The only difference is I didn't write an entire article about it and act like it was a huge deal.

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This is what I was thinking. I mean congrats but hardly news worthy.

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Considering how many games I've played, I surprisingly haven't played the majority of those on the list. Guess I may give me a go

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My achievements unlock on the top of the screen.

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Is one more addictive than the other? Eh. Not really. When you think about it, it's the exact same thing. Do something within the game and something unlocks. Not seeing how one would be better than the other.

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I sure hope not. I've got a fairly good amount that I could redeem for prizes.

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I wonder if it will include past games? I would think so but I could also see them saying only games played from now on. Either way, I'm just glad they finally started doing this.

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