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I don't think anybody will disagree with you on MLB 2k. That's the weakest of their games. NBA and NFL are the good ones.

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Was actually really excited for this game but then played the demo....

The infinity engine does show promise for the future but not in this years version.

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Infinity doesn't sound bad but I would probably change it to Infinite. Almost the same but to me it sounds better.

Edit :Ah, nvm. The more I say it, the more I don't like it. infinite, infinite. Hey do you wanna come over and play Infinite?

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What's NBA 13?

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I played like crazy when I was a kid. Started with Red and Blue, then moved onto Yellow. Played Silver, Gold, and then Crsytal and that's when I stopped. Picked it back up when Black and Whute came out. Even though I was old I had an urge to play even though I had skipped about two generations I believe. It was pretty fun.never too old to play

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Only on Playstation. What exactly are they referring to?

Are they saying you can only use Playstaion Moveon Playstation? That would be obvious.

Or they saying the game is available on Playstation, which is false. I'm confused as to what it's referring to.

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Astros were the best I've ever had. Overpriced? Sure. Overrated? Nah.

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Report offensive emblem. That's all you can do.

Personally, I'm not bothered by anything that people make as their emblem. But for those who are, go ahead and report if you so desire.

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Anybody know if they're bringing the custom emblems back? If so, can we get more layers?

Also one thing that bothers me about the game is how the animations dont match what the player is actually doing. Most people probably don't complain about this but it irks me. For example, if you flash someone, their character sticks a hand in front of their face like they're blinded but in reality they have both hands still on the gun. For some reason that drives me nuts.

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I can eliminate two of those just by having a wired controller.

As far as the headset, I've spent plenty of money on different headsets and now after not using them anymore, I am content with no headset at all. I used to think it provided an advantage but I figured out I'm just as good at games without the headset. So instead of spending $50-$300 fora headset, I don't use anything.

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Even great game isn't a fact. That would still be an opinion.
First to be a fact, everybody in the world would have to think its a great game. Considering everyone doesn't, that would be an opinion. And I guess even if everyone in the world did think it was a great game, I think that would still be an opinion.

Im confusing myself.

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The Dream Team loves being in the game. Scottie don't.

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Opinion: Skyrim is the Best Game EVER. That's more like it. I hate when people claim something and then say "FACT."
Example: My cousin would say "Kobe is the greatest of all time. FACT!"

That annoys the crap out of me. People need to conclude those sentences with "OPINION!"

Anyways. Skyrim is a good game. The title just made me go a little crazy.

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Minus Scottie Pippen apparently.

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Yeah but are those three you mentioned actually offensive? Do white people actually get offended by them? I know I don't.

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Yep. One centered in the front and two back wheels.

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I completely agree. Some people, including myself, care way too much about them. Instead of just playing a game, I am looking at a guide of some sort to see how I should play to get the most achievements instead of playing for fun. I realized a week or two ago just how much they do influence me. I looked at Madden 13s achievement list and just because the list was awful, I decided I wasn't going to ever play the game. Then a few days later, I thought how ridiculous is it that I would skip...

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Knew of that code, just didn't know it had a specific name. I probably would have guessed Capcom Code.

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No. My stepdad played one game with me back when I had a Dreamcast. It was NFL 2k1 and Im pretty sure it was because my mom said something to him and made him. He's one of those people that hates video games and thinks people who play are lazy bums.

I guess not growing up with video games and then seeing a whole generation of kids have that option pisses him off. I'm pretty sure that if he had games growing up, his views would be much different.

I pl...

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I've always liked Live better but I couldn't ever figure out why. Now, after thinking about it, it has nothing to do with the services. I play Live because all my friends have Live and I like the 360 controller better. I think those are the only reasons. In terms of quality of service, they are about identical. Neither actually seems better to me. If I could get my friends over and use a controller adapter, I would probably never use Live again.

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