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Like someone said above, it's not likely since they come out with a new one every year. They don't have enough time to make a GoTY. Now hopefully they have been able to work on the next gen system games for a year or two now and maybe by the time it releases around Holiday 13 we may have some great sports games.

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Well, I'll guess we will know for sure in the next 3 months or so.

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What is this dreamast you speak of?

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I may be wrong here but I think it was games coming out 2002-2012. GTAs could be included but I believe Halo CE was 2001.

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Would you rather have it a couple of days after? That just means it was done before the game shipped. I'm not seeing the problem here. Are they supposed to release it a year later when nobody has any interest in it anymore?

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What about us fake gamers?

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I was expecting an announcement when that big group of people came out to accept the award. Anyways, congratulations on a great game.

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Not surprised. Just look at their picture.

We need to start controlling the population. Examine people as they grow older and people like this cut off their genitals so that they may never reproduce.

I say it jokingly but kind of serious at the same time. Some people do not need to reproduce and obviously are not fit to be parents.

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I don't know if the maps are the worst in the series, but I sure don't care for them. I can usually pick out my favorite maps fairly early but I'm struggling to find one I like. The Cargo one is by far my least favorite,.

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I've only been playing for a hour or so and so far it's been ok. The one thing I have noticed is a bit of glitches. However, none of them are game breaking. I'm sure they will get patched.

Ive heard it starts off slow so I'm not too worried about it not being great a hour in. I'm sure it gets much better.

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Yay! Finally some creative mode!

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They couldn't have made something higher than 25,000? I was expecting at least 100,000.

Heck, even 50,000 would be better.

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I thought it was Avatar.

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You must work for EA. Just having ultimate team wouldn't make people stop playing other games.

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CoD 3 is the last I remember that had a fairly good amount. Since then I haven't noticed any.

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That wasn't all that bad to get 100%. There were a few stunt ramps that drove me crazy but other than that it was fairly easy, just time consuming.

Edit:oops. Didn't know it meant all achievements. Just thought it meant 100% within the single player.

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I like the games. I think everyone just got tired of them when both Guitar Hero and Rock Band were consistently coming out what seemed like every few months. Luckily, we got rid of Guitar Hero and Rock Band has slowed down as well. If they come out with one every two years, I would enjoy that.

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You don't say?

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Did you know there is a reply button?

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Google it.

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