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Wait a minute. I think everyone is confused. Number of exclusives does not determine how successful a console is within a certain year. So looking at 360s small exclusive list doesnt mean they will have bad sales. All the multiplat games will still sell and probably very well. So technically, it could be the best year, sale wise. These are some good games on here, regardless if multi or exclusive.

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Dang it might be time to finally invest in another PS3. I sold my last one but have been wanting one recently.Plus I like the fact that its the newer model. I hated the fingerprint attracting model. Actually kind of funny that PS3 went from shiny to matte and 360 did the opposite. Anyway, I think I'm taking the plunge.

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So I guess I don't get how the Online Pass works. Isn't Medal of Honor published by EA? I thought the whole point of online pass was that you couldn't play online unless you bought a pass, which you could purchase or get if you bought the game new. I GameFlyed MoH and yet was still able to play online without the pass. Obviously, I don't understand how the pass actually works. Someone please fill me in.

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My girlfriend wouldn't get into any of those games I don't think. She liked Viva Pinata Party Animals. She likes Angry Birds. She likes Kinect. If I ever saw her play ME2,ES, or Fallout, I would be highly suprised. Although, I did get her to play Black Ops for a hour or so and she didnt want to quit. Once she got her first kill, she wanted more. She only had 1 kill for that hour but she was ecstatic.

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Ok, found it. Thanks. Well, I feel the same way about it. If I win, then awesome. But if I dont, its not the end of the world. I wont cry myself to sleep.

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So whos page are we supposed to signup on? KontrolFreeks? Normally I would agree and say it is a scam but I have ordered stuff from KontrolFreek and they seem legit. But who knows.

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This is a serious question. I honestly wonder how many people bought one cuz they wanted one and how many buyers were old women that heard Oprah say it was the next best thing? She could recommend suicide and people would do it. Smart move by MS getting her involved. I know two of my aunts bought one and they never played videogames.

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The only one I'm looking forward to is Dance Central 2. I'll probably end up renting and playing most on the list at some point but I don't know about buying.

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Haha it's funny cuz it's true. I said the same thing about Black Ops. After the whole infinity ward fiasco I swore to stop supporting activision and never buy their games again. So I rented it through gamefly an played it for a month or so. After I returned it I went into a withdrawal. Not necessarily from CoD but shooters. I have to have a online shooter at all times or I go crazy. Not a huge halo fan so CoD is just about the only other option. So i ended up buying black ops just lik...

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Why is this under PS3 news?

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NGP haz teh herpez?

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Its mainly the people thinking that maybe, just maybe the games will be like the original Fable. Fable 2 was a stepdown from the first, and the 3rd is a stepdown from the 2nd. I at least finished the 2nd one. Third game I quit right near the beginning.

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Haha. Arguing about games. You silly nerds.

Haha jk. But seriously. It's really stupid when you think about it. Two discs or not, who really gives a shit. What difference does it make?

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Although this will clearly be better than 3DS, I bet 3DS absolutely blows it away in sales. Can't understand why, but for some reason people love Nintendo products. I thought Wii and DS were overrated but yet they sold like crazy. Good luck Sony, you're gonna need it. Too many nubs buying Nintendo for you to do as well as you would like.

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Of course it doesn't have versus. The leash would be abused. They way they made the game wouldn't even make for a good MP game. So I'm glad they left it out instead of tacking one on.

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Ah, but it is about PS3 fanboys. True, the article is about disappointing graphics but all the comments in here have made it about PS3 fanboys.

When the comments are "This game looks terrible on 360. Ha. We have KZ3 which has great graphics", it becomes less about how the game looks disappointing on all consoles and switches to just the 360 version which makes it seem like a fanboy war.

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So what you are trying to say is that PC games look better than console games? Im not sure anyone will disagree there.

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Are you that bad at the game?

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Crysis is done downloading and Bulletstorm is currently being downloaded. So far, I think Crysis is just alright. From playing the demo its definitely not a must buy but its not bad either. Just kinda "meh". Im hoping the Bulletstorm demo is a little better.

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While true that MS doesn't have many exclusives, I really don't think people mind. 360 doesn't rely on exclusives. The hottest games on 360 are the multi plat. People flat out buy Call of Duty on 360. So as long as developers keep putting out multiplat shooters, nobody will be complaining.

Sony on the other hand is all about exclusives. Their best selling games have been Killzone 2, Resistance games, LBP, God of War 3, GT5, etc. Then you look at the multiplat sa...

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