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Surely not. Letting PS4 get that big of a lead would be disastrous.

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Hasn't foregrip been proven to not do anything? Why waste a slot on it?

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Well, I like both for different reasons. There have been hits and misses in both series for me.
I loved Gears 1, hated Gears 2, and liked Gears 3. Haven't played Judgment.
I disliked God of War 1, like God 2, like CoO, like GoS, and really like God of War 3. Haven't played Ascension.

God of War 1 and Gears 2 were low points for me but I feel every other game has been fairly good.

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It is looking pretty good. Looks like they improved in some areas as well. Obviously, I don't have one in hand but from watching the video, I'll say it looks quite good.

My biggest complaints with the PS3 controller were the triggers and it felt too small to me. It seems they fixed both of these things. Plus, concave analogs which I think will be much better.

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What do you mean "these guys?"

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YO! I KNOW YOU'RE A BIG ASS GAMER! .(oh shit, shouldn't have said that)....I know you're a big gamer.

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Yikes. Before it even is released. The fact it was $50 to begin with had me worried but now it is $38. That doesn't guarantee that it's awful but one would think so.

Well NFL 2k5 was $20 so price doesn't necessarily mean bad quality.

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Why comment?

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I still need to finish Blops 2 Campaign, halo 4 campaign, assassins creed 3 campaign, and far cry 3 campaign. I just finished up borderlands 2. I wish they hadn't all came out around the same time. I would get a new one and forget the old one. Then I ended up not playing any of them.

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Definitely more excited for this E3 than recent previous ones. Two new consoles (possibly 3) being shown and new games. Should be great for us gamers.

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That's what you want them to reveal? Hmm. Interesting.

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If you start off with "don't mean to sound racist", chances are its racist.

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Why don't they call the game Madden 25th Anniversary Edition? IMHO madden NFL 25 is a terrible name. You can't go from NFL 13 to NFL 25. In fact just call it Madden 14, then at the bottom of the box put Madden 25th Anniversary Edition. Problem solved.

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Yep, thats the one thing that I really don't like. Now, I don't know if it will stop me from buying it, but it does seem a little iffy.

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Looking forward to the reveal. Can't wait to see price and games revealed for launch.

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Agreed. Was beyond pumped for Gears 2 after loving Gears 1 online. Got on after midnight launch and was pissed.

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Considering how expensive PS3s were when they first came out, yes, I would pay $400 for a PS4.

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Well if 720 blocks used games,Im buying PS4. If PS4 blocks used games, I'm buying 720. If they both block used games, then I guess I'm done with consoles all together.

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Value wise, I think so.

I don't own PS plus but it's not because I don't like it. I literally have Live just because that's what all my friends have. If everyone switched over, I would too. I have no brand loyalty.

But like I said, I do think PS plus gives you more for the money.

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That hurt my brain.

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