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That wasn't fanboyish at all......

For the most part, checking in once a day isn't an issue. Most of the time we are connected to the Internet. But, there are also times when we can't. Storms happen and electricity goes out or sometimes when you vacation there is no wifi. What then? You can't play. Again, I know that's not often but when it does, that sucks. Then there's a whole other issue with price but I'm not talking about that here.

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That wasn't the price. That's how much it weighs. Have you seen that thing?

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If they come out and say all the bad stuff about the console was a joke and then announce some great games. Then it would be amazing.

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Glad somebody put trials. It's frustrating at times but addictive.

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Hmm. Interesting. You must have not played any games this gen.

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I'm going to wait until E3 and decide after that.

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What if I wave to you on the street? How rude.

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It means that your gaming tastes don't match his and he has decided that his gaming tastes are superior. He is a "true gamer." Everyone else is a "fake gamer."

Yeah, I don't know either.

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Honestly, I would have said the same thing. But after getting it for free last year, I plan on getting it every year for the foreseeable future. I highly enjoyed getting to watch the Seahawks every week here in Texas and not getting stuck watching Cowboys and Texans like I usually do.

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This makes more sense. I hope it's like this instead of what has been speculated.

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It's kind of funny what they did. They gave us some things we wanted improved from the 360 but also took away.

BluRay yes. But take away used games.
Ability to use external hard drives. Can't mess with/take out internal hard drive.
Add servers. require online connection.

For every thing positive they add, they have a negative.

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I agree. I want to see what this "fee" is. Surely it's not the full price of the game?

Guess what this means is I will buy few games. Only the Major games that are must haves. Every other game can wait a year or two until the"new" price of it is $20 or less. I can't pay $60 a game. I played 600 games this gen. No way I could pay $60 a piece for all of those.

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This sucks. Gone are the days when you can lend or borrow games from friends.

Also, how does this effect something like GameFly or used games from GameStop? I guess I don't fully understand.

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I never got into Sneak King or Big Bumpin but I didn't think Pocketbike Racer wasn't half bad.

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Red Dead? Game is legit. Just started playing again for the first time in almost 3 years. Still great.

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I don't want them to get rid of achievements. I just want to start over next gen. I don't want gamerscore to carry over. New system, new score.

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No way they would double the price of Live. They would have to be crazy to do so. With all the complaints of $5-$8 a month, $15 would start a riot.

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Nice! Just read through all the details. Cannot wait. Sounds like this game may be the best yet!

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Congrats to Barry. Wish they'd change it to Madden 14. 25 just doesnt seem right.

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