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No more keys.

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That means you cant sell or trade them on that site. The codes weren't actually banned. I thought the same thing when I read it last night.

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I'll wait for a bigger discount.

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We obviously didn't watch the same video.

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I don't understand why anybody would ever be jealous of another system's games. We keep getting articles pitting the two systems against each other and it makes it seem like you can only pick one or the other. You have to be a fan of one system. It's ridiculous. If you like a game on another system, play it. Either get the system or use a friends.

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I like the price. Hopefully that doesn't mean low quality. But I'd rather buy $30 nykos vs $60 official if the quality is almost the same.

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"If you want a system that can function without Kinect, buy a 360."

If Mattrick would have been there, that would have been his answer.

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Really? You'd be foolish to not get one if they paid you to do so. Hell, get paid to buy one and then sell it.

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Eh...not really.

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Absolutely. I have no need for the Kinect. I'd be more interested in it if it didn't have Kinect.

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IMo, they both look worse than their previous versions. They might end up feeling better but PS3 controller looks better than PS4 and the 360 controller looks better than the One.

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Which is why I'm getting both. I'm not restricting myself to one. PS4, One, and PC.

Btw I agree it is a better option though. But I want both,

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It won't make me cancel my PS4 but it will make me not cancel my One. Now I can have both consoles.

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Looks like I may have been right if the reports are true. Wow.

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I preordered one but I can also cancel at any time. I haven't paid anything at the moment. If they change some policies and make the console look more enticing, then I'll go ahead with the order. If we get close to launch and it still seems like an awful console, I'll cancel. I basicallya preordered hoping they would change before launch.

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Interesting. Thanks for the reply. Would have never guessed that was what it meant.

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What exactly are yield issues? I keep seeing that being mentioned in articles. What does it mean?

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I'm with you there. As of right now, Im not getting one. If thy did drop the Kinect and check in for $399, I would buy one. However, I don't know how likely that is.

Stick with Ps3 and 360 until I hear further news.

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You're making it sound like 8.4 is bad. This is the lowest score I've seen so far. If 8.4 is the lowest, I think that's a good sign.

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Man, if I had a dollar for every time that guy said man, Man.

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