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It's his job. That's literally what he does all day.

Again, don't know how I know that but I read either an article or he did an AMA.

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False. You can own 4 versions of a game and max them out legitimately. He has multiple 360s from each region and therefore play multiple versions of the same game. Plus, the fact where he sets up twitch to where you can watch him play these games. He does play them. No hacks required. It's basically his job, is what it seems like I read somewhere recently. They give him games and is basically sponsored. Could be wrong there but I remember reading something like a day or two ago. So yes, h...

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Nope. He was the first.

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While I agree with some points, I think it's hard to say after a beta. It has limited maps, only one Titan (as far as I can tell), and only gets you to level 14. I'm sure once you have the full game it will be somewhat better. But I do agree about the bots. No idea what the function of them is. They don't kill anyone. Literally just a free kill for you. I'm getting bored just because I don't want to play the same maps over and over but other than that I think it has potent...

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Well, I know that's what it said but some on right look better and some on left look better.

Actually, I feel as if the ps3 actually look better on most.

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Which is which? Neither looks all that great. Also, is that really supposed to be Kaepernick? Not even remotely close.

Where is Newtons neck?

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I Agree. The maps are too big for 6 v 6. I rarely see anybody the entire match. I can spend a minute running around and not seeing a soul. The spawns are terrible but they can at least fix that. I don't know how many times someone has spawned on me or I have spawned on the enemy.

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Definitely like 360s better. I always liked how it showed the achievement name and gamerscore that was earned. Now it just says achievement unlocked?

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Not exactly sure but I do know achievement whores can use if to their advantage. One person on One getting achievements and one on 360 getting achievements for the same profile, other than that.....idk

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$500 difference? Did I miss something?

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You just going to leave it running for eternity?

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my buddy's step-sister makes $7.20 an hour at a computer store. She has been laid off for 80 months but last month her payment was $129.18 just working on someone's computer for 27 hours. There's no site to read more,

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Those things would be nice but that would require effort on their part.

I like having different announcers. Would make the game much better.

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I don't mind either but to me it's always been whether or not I want to feel like crap in the morning? To me, that's the only real downfall of alcohol. Good up to a point and then it's all downhill from there. So I've transitioned to smoking. Feel great and wake up feeling normal.

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Because he thinks a game looks good? Hmm. I've seen many fanboyish comments on this site. That didn't seem to be one of them.

If anything, it was discrimination against guys with beards.

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You're right. I teach and so I've had this summer off and I still haven't had enough time to play all of them. Majority are not even downloaded. But the ones I have played have been fun, so I cannot complain.

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Not yet. But then again, I had a console since 2005. Ive had 8 years to build my collection. Ive had a gaming PC for a month and already have over 100. I assume I will pass it shortly. Give me 8 years on PC and there is not telling how many I will have.

Also, out of the ones that I have played, I enjoyed Mark of the Ninja the most. Was only like $3 too! Great game.

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The Binding of Isaac, Borderlands GOTY, Borderlands 2,Bastion,Castle Crashers, Chivalry, Counter Strike Complete,Fallout 3 GOTY, Fallout New Vegas, Half Life Complete, LA Noire, Left 4 Dead 2, Mark of the Ninja, Max Payne, Metro:Last Light, Mount & Blade :Warband, Payday, Portal 1 & 2, Prison Architect, Psychonauts, Reus, Sleeping Dogs, Sniper Ghost Warrior 2, Star Wars KOTOR 1 & 2, Surgeon Simulator 2013, Terraria, Thomas Was Alone, Tomb Raider, The Witcher 2.

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