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I haven't noticed the frame rate but only because I either cant login or get kicked off for spamming messages. (which I don't do)

The game seemed fun for the 30 minutes Ive been able to play so far.

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Does it bother anybody else that the players listed on the side are 1-4 but then not in order. Example, jimmy graham is 97, highest on team, and yet is number 4. What?

Roddy white is a top 4 rated player but not on the list. Michael Johnson another top 4 but not listed.

I realize this was to show off team ratings but the player ratings on the side are making my OCD go crazy.

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As a Seahawks fan I agree. I think Sherman is good but our two safeties are the best in the biz and get no credit. It's nice knowing that Thomas will have your back if you let someone burn you.

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Earl Thomas is 2nd? No way. He is not only by far the best free safety but one of the best defensive players in the league, regardless of position. So Richard Sherman is a 99 but the best secondary player on the team is a 95? Sherman is the 3rd best secondary player on the team and gets all the credit. Thomas and Chancellor are flat out amazing and nobody talks about them. I hate that. Sherman=overrated. Thomas= underrated

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Um. Polamalu is a strong safety.

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@kevin. But didn't he against the Falcons in the playoffs a couple of years back?and that was as a rookie. They didn't end up winning in the end because the defense let them have that huge pass play. But he did bring them back from 4 TDs I believe.

I fully believe in him as a passer. He doesn't have to pass because he has a strong running game. I truly believe if marshawn went down and they had to abandon the run, he could put up some great numbers but we may nev...

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You still need one? I have two.

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Both 95 and different styles. Marshawn is no doubt the better runner. But forte can do it all. He's an valuable player in the passing game as well where Marshawn is not.

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Finally Matt Forte is getting some love. I've always thought he was underrated.

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I'm sure plenty of people were unaffected. I however couldn't get online, sign on, start games, and lost all my data saves. So no, it definitely had some issues. But apparently you were one of the lucky ones.

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Anybody else lose all save data for every single game? No matter what game I start up it acts like it is my first time playing. Only options are new game. Continue is not an option for any of them. WTF? Seriously. Not sure if this caused it or something I did but didn't notice until this happened.

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I normally don't mind live being down just because I can play offline but for some reason I can't even save game progress now. Since when is saving tied to being online? My fifa progress can't be saved. What? Why do I have to be online to save? Is this a xbox one thing? Never noticed that happening on 360. Or is it an EA thing. Two of my EA games won't save progress offline.

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I've used these before. Not the Futbol ones but some from the same company. I really enjoyed the extra height that was added. Definitely not necessary but I think they're nice.

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"I can't believe the XB1 controller is lot worse than the 360 pad."

That makes it sound like you've used one.

You should have said-

"I can't imagine the XB1 controller being any worse than the 360 pad from what I've seen."

Don't go blaming others for not understanding what you're saying when it clearly makes it seem like you've used one with your first sentence.

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Please stop. You're the type of person that makes this site awful. Both systems have great games. Stop trolling.

On topic, I have played three of these on the list.
Yaris, I don't remember too well but it was free. I thought it was ok.
Leisure suit Larry was very bad. I couldn't force myself to keep playing.
Truth or Lies, is truly bad. You talk into a mic and it determines whether you said a lie or spoke the truth. Complete crap and rand...

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Literally. You can't explain it because you only have 1 bubble and you just wasted it.

OT- there are things I like better about both. I like XBox One controller better than 360 because they finally got rid of the bulky battery pack on the back. I also enjoy the triggers a little better.

On the 360 controller I enjoy the shoulder buttons better. I think the overall feel is better. But I think that's just because I used the 360 controller for so many ...

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Yes I did. He's a top 5 QB. This article was all about Madden, not real life. Obviously Rivers is in the top list of real life QBs. My point was about Madden QBs. Many people go for speed at QB. So in that regard Manziel would be a better MADDEN qb because he suits more playstyles. Once again, nobody is going to take manziel over rivers in real life.

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Well it did say in the article that it isn't based on ratings. The logic was that Manziel will be a good Madden player. Good speed and arm. Most people like picking fast QBs in Madden. But then again if we go off speed why is Kaep not on the list? He is a Madden QB.

Anywho, I don't think anybody would take Manziel over Ben or Phillip in real
Life at this point. But in madden? Probably.

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@TheFallen1327 And yet you click on a basketball article and choose to comment on it. Neat.

As for me let me use that 7'5 330 lb guy.

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Idk man. He seems to have a pretty good life. Pretty good looking wife/girlfriend(not sure which), he is in good shape and he gets sent free games. I don't know what there is to complain about. I remember thinking a few years back how nerdy this guy must be but my opinion has changed over time and I really think highly of him. He is a fairly cool guy watching his vids anyway.

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