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And don't forget about this..


The PSPgo

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Would this explain why Halo Reach is Bungie's "last Halo game"? Or did they already confirm they would continue making Halo games in the future?

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Agreed. Avoiding games because of a controller? Lmao, it's not that bad, but I found that pretty funny.

If you picked the wrong console and feel the need to cry about every chance you get, please do us a favor and SELL it. I'm sure it'll help get you where you need to be a little faster, lol.

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Still don't like the idea that I'm paying $40 for new content though.

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$39.99 is a steal (same price as the PSP version).
I fell in love with this game when I participated in the beta. Can't wait to play the full game.

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Now we need Capcom Vs SNK 3!

1:13 is definitely in-game (the sound is off)!

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This has me even more excited for the game. Does this mean it'll be rated M?

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Expect a very broken game with patches released every week trying to balance it.

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But the excuses I'm reading as to why PS3 exclusives look so good are really sad. Lol, some of you are just full of it. All of your post may as well say "PS3 sucks, 360 is better," or something along those lines.

360 may *finally* have a game that could be technically comparable to PS3 exclusives, but don't let it get to your head because it took a *very* long time.

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Well, that is his job.

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You want ultra realistic top-notch graphics then buy the PC version and a PC that's capable of playing it at those settings. Other than that, the console graphics of Crysis 2 aren't even worth arguing over. It'll be a slight/unnoticeable difference.

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Hardly hear anything about it anymore.

Now that I think about it, that news is old (July, 2009). I doubt after all that time they couldn't get the PS3 version on par with the 360 version or better.

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It's like April Fools when ever this guy gives us news.

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Lol, what? How? With it's amazing story? Lol. It hardly does anything right besides competitive multiplayer, and Gears 2 screwed that up big time. Don't get me wrong, it's a good game, but "defining gaming experience" is a huge stretch.

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Typical Gears teaser trailer, nothing special. Looks like Dom let himself go since his wife died, which I kind of seen coming. E3 should show us the gameplay but this wasn't too bad for a teaser.

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Just show us the game already, lol

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We can always look at what piracy did to the PSP and just imagine.

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So with the addition of the disappointing demo released and the claims of how short the SP game is, I'll probably borrow it from a friend or buy it when it hits the bargain bin. I just know I won't be buying it any time soon or pay more than 30 dollars for it.

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Something isn't right.

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