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ms is doing crap u mean
stop it already the ps4 already won the generation

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who are the one who made black flag ?

i guess unity is the one behind AC 3 since it sucked so bad story wise

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enough with this 13 crap
why square enix is so obsessed with this crap is beyond me

we dont give a crap about lightning cant they understand that

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the order
uncharted 4
until ldawn
ratchet n clank
no man sky
let it die
the forest
guerilla new ip
naughty dog new ip
quantic dreams two news ip's
santa monica new ip +god of war

save that message and watch uncharted 4 destroying your pathetic crap game quantum break cant wait for those numbers and throw them all at your face pathetic blinded xbox fanboy

and btw tomb raider is...

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yes since they sell ps4 at a profit and since they reached 16mil wiping the pathetic xbox one they can

its MS who lost money trying sooooo hard to beat the ps4 with ridiculous price cuts and kk free games

ms now sell at a loss while sony profit

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thats why every single multiplatform game has sold better on the ps4...cause it has no games ?

not to mention xbox exclusives all so far floped except maybe the halo milked collection and that didnt even surpass a million last time it was around 600k-700k

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meawhile xbox camp think they won cause they got a month in the us and UK

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this game will sell lots of ps4 in japan

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"A True Showcase of PS4's Power"
I hope not, Full HD is not 1920 x 800 LOL.

and piss everytin graphic wise the xbox have till end 2015 even halo 5 wont surpass this graphic wise no matter how much u want to believe it

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rise sucks
and graphics are no near the order no matter what u xbox fanboys say

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i could also write 5 reasons why to buy a ps4 over xbox in 2015 and 2016

if i remember right the ps3 wasnt good the first year then it all changed...exclusives after exclusives and finally took over the xbox 360 despite RROD=boost sales and a year and a half headstart

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huh no
ps4 won november overall which is what matters

and you r way to delusional if you think the xbox will win against the ps4

dont forget that sony didnt do a price cut if they do tho expect the gap to be way bigger

and also as for the dx ICE say hello to ya

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there isnt any prob
its naughty dog we r talking about the game will and will sell like hotcakes

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agree for all except MGS5
the gameplay is way different than the old ones

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poor salty xbox fanboy

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he is jelly cause we all know uncharted gonna kill TB easily next year...TB will be forgotten in a month max

uncharted 4 way

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can you xbox fanboys go back playin your low sale games crap plz
stop been so butthurt cause uncharted gonna blow everything xbox has to offer next year thx

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gta 5 is better on ps4
dragon age better on ps4
driveclub better looking game than flopza

only your fail unity running better on xbo cause parity and bribe from microsoft

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moaaaaaaaaaar salty comments plz from the xbox jelly ppl

ps4 domination
oh btw microsoft you can keep tomb raider exclusive if u want

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biggest troll ever
he didnt say a thing before the vid and ppl went craaaaazy myself included then after the vid,a port...the crowd went rage mode

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