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Literally anything electronic will “definitely eventually malfunction”.

So, thank you Nostradamus. Unless you’re talking like RROD-level mass failure rates within a couple years. In which case, I doubt it. Haptics like this are not some brand new technology. Its been around a while in other devices. Manufacturers know how to build the components.

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“Surround sound in your hands” - YES!

Spot on description of the feeling. It really is a full evolution of the vibration feature. Does the same thing for rumble that HDTV did for video. Sure, what came before was usable, but it kicks it up a notch and wouldn’t really be as enjoyable to go back to the old way.

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Right… Because who wouldn’t be willing to wait a year or two to play something with better pixels for half price on hardware that costs 4x.

Also, is it really that common that PC games launch 50% off out the gate? I might have to switch back.

Sarcasm aside, I honestly do wish GPU prices come down next by next year so I can get a new build going…. F console wars. Game everywhere!

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Thats a pretty broad stroke. I don’t agree most people are treating it like it’s something new. It is a big deal because Insomniac did well with the game. Visuals and gameplay rival the best presented this past gen.

I dont get your point about those who loved the new games not having played the older ones. So what? Are fans of the new Spider Man movies less entitled to their opinion if they didn’t see or like the Toby McGuire ones? Does it devalue the rebo...

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Less surface area to dissipate the heat results in it building up. Yes the cpu will produce the same amount of heat, but now it’s being stored in a smaller area while waiting to be expelled.

Same thermal output going into a smaller surface area. It’s not the end of the world and I’m not sure why so many people are trying to spin it so hard.

I’m sure Sony knows what they’re doing. Looked at the thermal tolerance of the components and det...

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You mean like... candy crush?

What kind of great games dont have story or characters?

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So, by that logic, Series S and PS5 digital are considered price cuts Right out the gate too? Sounds like quite a reach...

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Bet your wallet didnt :)

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While I would welcome the changes the author suggests, not all games need to be simulations of real worlds overflowing with random events that have no impact on story or gameplay.

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@BillyBrain - I think he’s saying that they should rerelease all the games from xbo on sx so that all the people who weren’t Interested enough in xbox last gen (but for some reason will be jumping in this gen?) can play all the old games while they wait for an actual new hit to be released.

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I get you. The same things limit me from enjoying VR as much as I’d like.

But, by it’s nature, VR is a transport from actual reality. Having real world obligations isn't really a strike against VR as a platform. There isn't a “better way”. As the medium is fleshed out more, I’d like to see even further detachment from real reality (a la Ready Player One style). Making it easier to switch between contexts isn't the answer.

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No Kidding... In other news - "A disease cure has been created by doctors who believe in medicine!"

All in all though, MS seems to be signaling a direction that could bring them back to the 360 glory years (RROD notwithstanding). If they can walk the walk that is...

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I hope it would be a complete edition as well. Also, that it’s remastered for next gen and not this one.

eg. 60fps with RTX and 4K textures should be doable on a game this old without hitting the performance ceiling of the new consoles.

I wouldn’t put it past EA though to do just the bare minimum for a quick cash grab. Hoping they prove us wrong...

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“Good judgement comes from experience. Sometimes, experience comes from bad judgement.“

-Christian Slater

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Nice! I tried it on game pass for PC but ran into a corrupted save at chapter 5, prompting me to quit playing because I didn’t want to go through all the into missions again.

I may need to give it another spin. I enjoyed what I’ve seen so far.

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My comment had nothing to do with studio size. I said “seasoned AAA developer” vs indie. Meaning one of them has experience spanning multiple console generations working on large budget, highly rated games.

I’m not saying this game won’t be good or that the developer isn’t good. My point is you can’t expect it to be in the same class as something like Ratchet and Clank made by a studio with a proven track record of top-shelf quality.

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This game looks good, but calling it the Xbox’s answer to R&C and thinking they’ll go head to head is reaching quite a bit.

Slim chance an indie studio is going to out class a seasoned AAA developer like Insomniac. This game might be good, but it really doesn’t look like something that will be a system seller. Ratchet and Clank on the other hand, has an established franchise and a hell of a lot more going on in the graphics and gameplay department.

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You hit it on the head! Pure BS blaming covid and remote work. By this stage of development, everyone on the team should have a good idea what their role is and how to perform it, and what tasks are remaining.

It makes no difference if your sitting at your desk at the corporate office or home office. I work in web development and operations at a large company, so I’ve gone through the transition myself. I actually feel more productive because there aren’t as many distractio...

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What the hell are you talking about repeating that line over and over in your comments? Do you really not get that this seemingly “double standard” is more because MS and Spencer talk up 4K 60fps on XSX as if it’s the main differentiator between them and Sony. Xbox fans ate it up. Now we’re seeing more and more games confirmed 30 on XSX.

Actually kinda funny. Sad, but funny.

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