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Why didn`t Sony just wait a week or two before releasing this game footage ? . E3 would have been in meltdown even though Sony isn`t there ! .

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When Sony upped online save storage from 10GB to 100GB well I think that tells all doesn`t it ? . Defo backwards compatibility with PS4 ! ? .

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So by Sony upping cloud space to 100GB just confirm PS5 backwards compatible with PS4 ? . I certainly think so ! .

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You are right . Doesn`t look like Xbox One X will be running at 60 FPS after all .

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Well said ! .

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Maybe that`s why CEX shop in UK are selling the PSVR 2nd hand for £450.00 . No lie . And that`s for the one`s without Move or Camera ! . Unbelievable .

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4 Years ? . Will probably release on PS5 then ? .

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Was the BF1 game any different on Pro ? . Is there a proper Pro mode ? .

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I could`nt even play it yesterday . Clicked through 39 pages of text but at the end it says click X . Would`nt go any further ?

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I had a tweet back from the man himself Shuhei Yoshida to confirm that the Aim controller will be compatible with all future VR FPS game`s . Not sure how much the controller will be but I`m sure it will be worth it .

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We need a release date , NOW !! .

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I`m a day one PS4 owner and am glad to see PS4 PRO released . I think it`s a great idea . I`m not ready to buy one yet but maybe will when I upgrade to a 4K TV .

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Battlefield: Bad Company 3 is my choice . It might even come early has next year as a spinoff .

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Same here. Really just Driveclub VR that my tracking is off. Shame too because the VR version is superb when tracking correctly. Also I wonder if it matters which version camera that your using?. Mines the old one.

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I'm only buying digital for PSVR. You need a seamless transition between game's and experiences. Imagine having to change a disc everytime?. Time to upgrade to a 2TB HD! .

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The only thing with PRO is that it won't improve the resolutions through the VR headset only slightly the visuals. Is that enough to buy one?. On the fence.

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After enjoying a few days of PSVR , i`m not interested in game`s now if not in VR . I`ve seen the future and I like it . I don`t have a 4K TV yet so I dont need a PRO at the moment .

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After reading the article, the reviewer seems to think everything will be sorted when PS4 PRO comes out. Got bad news for everybody. I follow one of the main Driveclub devs on twitter and he has definitely said that Sony hasn't approached them to update Driveclub for PRO.

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It`s really only happened with DriveclubVR with me to be honest . That game is unplayable after only a short while . Shame because when it`s working ok it`s fantastic .

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After a couple of day's with PSVR I've come to a conclusion. I don't think I want to play in 2D anymore. The immersion is excellent and even better than I expected. The positional tracking most of the time is superb. Main problem so far game wise is DRIVECLUBVR. It's knackered. Hope patch coming very soon!

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