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The Switch will be fine. Also that looks like the chick from The Gifted.

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I have to disagree. But I mostly play on PC. Having 60fps on all games is just something I have grown use to.

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I would probably get a Pro if more games supported 60fps just at 1080p. I don't plan on getting a 4K projector for a long time still.

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I really just want more stories from The Old Republic era. It's by far the more interesting Star Wars time period. The Skywalker saga is just one big joke now.

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It really sucks it took them this long to finally make a sequel. I have a feeling it's going to just get overshadowed by the new God of War game.

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Reminds me of a mix between Otogi and Ninja Gaiden.

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Can't wait for the new No More Heroes and Bayo3.

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Okay so I'm not going crazy, this topic does indeed exist. Love the drastic random crap N4G accepts now. One topic claims the game gets a measly 20 FPS on the XboneX, and this one is claiming its even better than the PC version.

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Wait... didn't I just see a topic saying XboneX is the best place to play it?

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Written by noobs, for noobs.

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To be fair it's a pretty forgettable game.

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Wow this looks very similar to FAST RMX.

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What a time to be alive. We are so spoiled we actually have people who get offended by made up things.

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I don't see a problem. If you're still interested in playing the game wouldn't you have obviously gotten the newest content?

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Looks like shit even on the XboneX.

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Hoping it will get patched soon. Even Xenoblade X didn't look as bad as XBC2.

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Sex doesn't always sell a video game. Just look at games like X-Blades and the Onechanbara series. They aren't exactly top sellers. So no, what we really need is quality gameplay if you ask me.

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Pyra isn't even the skimpiest dressed one in the game. There's quite a few more blades that have more revealing attire. Honestly I'm very happy the devs didn't cave to the 1% like they did with other JRPGs. Tokyo Mirage Sessions for example. Not every video game needs the horror that is Mass Effect Andromeda females. Honestly no video game should have females like ME:A lol.

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Holy crap finally! I've been simply wanting to know a date since August.

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It was my favorite one.

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