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that line-up across all formats looks awful trusty bell is the only one that look's half decent.
Both gundam's look average culcept look [email protected] and their are not enough swear words in the english language to decribe what I though of idol master when I watched it on youtube.
where's teken, soul callibre even a wii time crisis or point blank would have stood out on this list.
they must be hiding more than a few titles

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sony did wait a year and now has a gpu that has half the programable shaders that are not as flexable and a 128bit interface instead of the 256bit one that ati, nvidea and the 360 use.

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Sony is going to face more court procedings ms must have loads of patents tide up in the live service and sony must have copied nearly everyone of them.

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have learned there leason's and have finally got in some good script writers and some decent voice actors kameo and perfect dark were 2 great games ruined by bad plots and voice acting,
a very talented dev team shouldn't be making simple mistakes like this!!

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HD video will take up lots of room the brothers in arms trailer that was in 720p on live took up over 800meg and i'd say that was 15mins max and ive hear'd that they are aiming for 1080p for this game,
I'm not sure but the bia trailer could be running at 60fps and i know 1080p only runs at 24fps but fmv will still take up alot of room if it's a high bit rate and uses one of the new high res audio formats that blu-ray and hd-dvd are using.

Anyway there could be many way's ...

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Better playback of 720p movie's get rid of the jumpyness that has plagued my 360 since the last update it didn't used to do it before.
And yes I have tried the HD defrag code on the dashboard

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In rare instances, CDs, DVDs, Blu-ray discs and other media may not operate properly on the PS3 system. This is primarily due to variations in the manufacturing process or encoding of the software.*"

The movies on blu-ray are currantly in mpeg2 format and not mpeg 4 or WMV like hd-dvd maybe there may be a problem with movie playback codecs or reading of dual layer blu-ray disk like the other companies have said to have had problems with.

As far PS2 games pla...

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has anyone else seen the video it look's amazing even better than the screenshot surgest

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As they where still using gamecube dev kit's with a wii controler as the dev kit have only just been finished so it will have 2.5 times the graphical power, this is also why zelda looks the same as the gamecube version.
also it will not be running at HD resolutions so the GPU won't be have to work as hard with the post processing ect.
IT's just as microsoft did with the 360 with it's early dev kit's

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which is all they can do at leipzig as sony have decided not to have any playable demo of the ps3
sony going back too more tech demo's ooh great look forward too seeing them[yawn}

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Advanced lawnmower simulator on the spectrum was the worst video game name ever
in the 8bit day's nobody cared about the marketing men and they created so many mad game names and consepts like
'how to be a compleate [email protected]@rd' a game about trying to ruin sombody's house party with stuff like covering the toilet in cling film.
Some really funny one's on the list and some really bad one's what was a big company like squaresoft thinking with tobal no 1

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only charge 10 or 20 points a game and if the download is free not many would be complaining then it would be far cheaper than any arcade game how many people here pay £1 in a real arcade.
If they make it cheep enough i'd pay (but no 50 point around about 40p ish) but only if they don't charge for the original download

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there are lot's of games on the xbox that look great scaled and with AA
also it extents the life of the console sony proved that with the ps2 more sale's for dev of the last gen, certain styles of game like RPG's don't tend to appear early on in the consoles lifespan.
M$ are daft to try and do all the BC stuff on their own all new games released could be BC if they let devs do it im sure they would be willing to help if it ment selling more software

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To sugest that the ps3 won't fit in the box look at the size of the 360 it's smaller than the xbox and nobody sugested that wouldn't fit the ps3 case look's nearly 2x the size of the 360 it won't be a problem.
All the downgrading rumour's proberbly stemed from the duel skd stuff before it was announced

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you can make enough time squeeze populus 1+2 on to live arcade with a usb mouse and 4 player battle this would rock not many people got the oppertunity to play them in the system link mode
Great interview a good read nice find Janx

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If it is only a tech demo it's the way the whole thing was scripted that grabed my attension when I watched the demo and the thing that shocked me was how good the animation was and how well it expressed emotions
Don't forget MGS4 is still just a tech demo and I thought this was a far better illustration what next gen should be about games have allway's lacked good stories with a few exeptions (KOTOR)
I want more games with an engaging plot lines large games at the moment seem ...

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You would have too many people trying to rig their gamescores my mate brought his memory card round the other day he has a higher gamerscore than i have and has totally different games than me and if that was possible my gamerscore would have more than doubled in a matter of seconds

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Rachel's friends lists proberbly full now
Korn are great live they are on at download this weekend and you can play them over live if you add them to your friends list as KORN X360 they will be playing on the 10th june between 8:45 and 9:45 GMT on call of duty 2
if you vist the news is on the main page

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it's just a shame more of them arn't made the hybrid SACD's work as a normal cd as well but cd's are just to dominate a format just like dvd will be, did anyone else know that the 360 play's SACD's it will also rip them to the HD as an SACD as well
I'd recomend anyone with a half decent surround sound set-up with their 360 to at leased try one, dark side of the moon pink floyd sounds great

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this is one of the first games I ever played hope it's a bit bigger than 48k this time
going to have to treat myself to some mspoint's at least for streetfighter online

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