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IGN have no right what so ever reporting game news
45-70 dollors sounds about right japanese game tend to cost a little more usally anyway

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the gpu doen't have faster bandwidth than the 360 they both have 22.4/gps but the 360 has a 256bit bus unlike the ps3 that has a 128bit flex i/o bus but even so this will not have that much barring on the way GT4 will look.
It will be which machine will handle the streaming better the 360 will have the advantage of better and faster compression and a faster streaming from the dvd drive but the ps3 will have a native hd personally i think the 360 verion will look better because the comp...

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I like the fact that it is wired the wire plugs in at the same place as a real electric guitar and looks like a real jack

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sounds quite likly but i don't think sony would be to happy at loading unsigned code from a disk i think there is more chance with xsn tool's that ms have released for the pc and 360

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no wonder all of the jornalists have been saying how quite the PS3 runs because they arn't even turned on!!

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but it just shows you how good the first game was not that much of an improvment to the graphics I think devil may cry looks better

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they may not be in-game shot but they give you a good idea of the art direction the game is heading in, personally I'd quite like to see a darker final fantasy game like a manga KOTOR game with summons and materia.

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where's the bump mapping or the paralax mapping, some of the wall's look really low rez but as allway's with mgs games the character models look good.
hardly any of the jap dev's seam to have got the hang of texturing

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VHS won lots of format wars before it was beaten by dvd it beat the betamax laser disk's mpeg 1 cd's the difference is that all of movie company's backed VHS over all of these formats until DVD when ALL the movie company's backed one format until that happen's again DVD will win

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lots of company's are making player's that surport both formats samsung anounced theirs months ago they proberbly use 2 differnt lasers like dvd players did before sony made a laser that read both in the ps2 cd's and dvd are compleatly different too but blu-ray and HD-dvd use different coloured lasers to get more bandwidth.

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that's what i'm going to do when the price comes down ms were stupid not to make the HD-DVD drive a hybid that play's both formats.
The ONLY winner will be a hybrid format

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the xbox 360 play's SACD's without a problem it also rip's them to the hard drive for use as playlists

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over no compression any day each city in gotham use over 1gig of textures without the compression you would loss most of the detail that is streamed from the memory and the disk.

If you use less compression the smaller and less detailed the game envirionments will become.

and just to prove my point the reason HD-DVD is currently much better than blue-ray because it uses better and higher compression so it has a higher bit rate for the images.

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yeah your right it's not an MMO it's only 4player!!! online.
this is bad news for sony if even sony online are outsourcing the online environment for it's games this doen't bode well for those hoping for a unifide sevice like live. it's going to be hard for sony to even implement a friends list that work's indepently of what game your playing certainly not much chance of the cross game voice chat that I use alot.

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an MMO so it would make sence that it would use it's own sever's and yes (2. darth gamer)i guess this means you will have to pay to play.

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that line-up across all formats looks awful trusty bell is the only one that look's half decent.
Both gundam's look average culcept look [email protected] and their are not enough swear words in the english language to decribe what I though of idol master when I watched it on youtube.
where's teken, soul callibre even a wii time crisis or point blank would have stood out on this list.
they must be hiding more than a few titles

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sony did wait a year and now has a gpu that has half the programable shaders that are not as flexable and a 128bit interface instead of the 256bit one that ati, nvidea and the 360 use.

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Sony is going to face more court procedings ms must have loads of patents tide up in the live service and sony must have copied nearly everyone of them.

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have learned there leason's and have finally got in some good script writers and some decent voice actors kameo and perfect dark were 2 great games ruined by bad plots and voice acting,
a very talented dev team shouldn't be making simple mistakes like this!!

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