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Two blue lights tidied to the laces in your trainers should do the trick, plus a lot of free space

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A bit like valve hardly make games anymore but focus all their resources on steam.

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Sony are using a fancy frame doubler to increase the frame rate with no extra cost to the game whether this work remains to be seen.
Don't think £200 would be too expensive for a fresh gameplay experience, loads of ps4's have already been sold so for a current owner its not too much.

I think the delay is more to do with getting a big game out for it as the hardware seem practically finished and could also pinch all the games coming to the rift, I wouldn&#...

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So you agree with planed additional content being work on month's/years before a games release, rather than using the extra man power to polish the game or add that content to the game any way.

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The closest I get to buying dlc is waiting for a GOTY edition.

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Once upon a time devs used to just stick it all on the disk instead of delaying levels to charge all of their customers twice.

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Needs better WiFi connection than the vita mk1 for better ps4 connection.

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Charging port on the top of my vita looks like that and is in the same location.

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Second hand camera and move controllers are not too badly priced now.

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There are plenty of second hand moves about.

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Anything under £250 will be a surprise to me

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@neogamer they should make the PlayStation button switch to the PlayStation camera view, out of body freaky and functional.

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Surposed to be odd world and valiant hearts.

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Google says we are getting valiant hearts and odd world.

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It may be part of ps plus like Japan hopefully

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Like doa for instance.

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Not if it's free to play for so many characters like all the other free to play game on ps4.
You will probably be able to buy full game or characters and/or have season dlc like killer instinct.

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New Tegra chip is more powerful than the 360/ps3.
The difference is anybody wanting to make serious money would never has a game just running on the most powerful chip set, a bit like pc gaming.

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Injustice spent about 2 weeks clogging up my HDD, completed it a couple of times and found it a bit boring.
This month on the other hand I can't put down rogue legacy and last month the swapper did the same.

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