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I wish I had an Xbox or rad pc to play ark. Watch people on twitch play it, looks fun.

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I know I will be killed for saying this, but I just have no interest in this game.

I wish the mechanical dinos where flesh and blood dinosaurs.

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@sama yup, thats the one issue that seems to effect me here and there. Turn my camera and it just keeps going lol. Actually really enjoying BO3.

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Omg this was written by a dude...

Lol good lord.

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I know I will get killed for this comment, but I never really cared much for Kratos or the god of war series except part 1.

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Hell yeah, love my 420 gun skins.
Love that COD knows its customers.

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Awesome to see a risk pay off for Nintendo.
Kudos, game looks fun.

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This and Fall Out 4 are the video games I want the most.

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more clothing and housing options for online please!!
oh and a new golf course!!!

love this game to much.

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love this game.

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Miyamoto is a LEGEND .

I disagree with him on this , but the man can and should say what he pleases.

Mario Zelda etc are the reason we love/have the GTA COD etc..

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Anyone that actually cares about "gamergate" is kinda sad LoL
Stop bringing politics and "social activism "into video games

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I disagreed with you.
Cause youre a fool, a soft fool.
Project Overkill ps1
State of emergency ps2
every GTA have the same violence ; as do countless other video games

Did the world end after kids played them? Nope sorry nancy boy

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Its only a game
Lol @ the people trying to "make a difference"
how about dont buy it?

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nice I have a lvl 27 Hunter.
sent friend request

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play this everyday on PS4.

add me NintendoYouth, if your looking for people

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Its just a game. release it , or not the world will still turn and life will go on.
including murder rape etc._

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Fully paid it off, cannot wait

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Battlefield is phenomenal when everythings working.

COD is great because its easy to play with family and friends.

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Gamers seem to cry about everything.
Destiny is amazing and I will gladly support all incoming expansions.

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