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Have always sucked at online. Glad to be able to play this co-op and offline. Are offline modes available with every DLC out there or only works with certain maps/dlcs? Please advise.

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Yes, and you can add funding by purchasing a PSN card through Amazon US. They will email you the code.

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You can always create a US PSN account.

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I get no satisfaction after scoring in Fifa, whereas in PES it makes me go yessss!!! It has been like this since Winning Eleven 3 and Fifa 98, which are my first WE and Fifa games.

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Don't forget the new UI is to be used with the new Dual shock 4's touch functions.

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The first pic in the website shows ps3 ver of the game's background shows more, yet the overall look is kinda pale...

Conclusion: both version (gfx) suck in diff ways.

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Some team names are fake, but players have real names and appearances.

PES Gameplay is better, which is why Fifa has been copying it. It got more "arcadey" in 2009 but now it's back to realism in 2010.

Graphics wise... look at pic.

PES and Winning Eleven, has always been a "cult" favorite among us asians. Most a...

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simply feels better.

Like what the article said, scoring in PES gives more satisfaction. In Fifa, it feels like I'm scoring the same way over and over again.

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Maybe they meant that Dirt2, Grid and GT5 are delivered worldwide using planes, not ships. /lame joke

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to drive with excessive "movie" effects like depth of field and motion blur.

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3387d ago

PES has more realistic player models, animation, gameplay and more detailed player stats.

Fifa has nicer effects, better commentary and more teams.

Furthermore, the satisfaction from scoring in PES is simply much more than Fifa which is why I prefer PES.

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if it can run homebrew. No brew = fail.

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why give a crap about how many disagrees you have?

"...then your just ignorant or stupid.."

Your =/= you're, now who's ignorant... >_>

Btw I do think Milo is amazing even if someone was controlling him. I remember when Killzone 2 showcase was attacked for being prerendered, however, the final product turns out to be even better. Here's hoping "Milo" will be the same. I don't even own a 360 but I do like to see new technologies....

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"Some members were confused about Audi R8 V10 comparison pics therefore new pictures of 2010 Audi R8 V10 are updated."

I was confused becoz you guys posted the wrong pics. >_>

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They kinda messed up the R8, didn't they? See pic

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except the reflections on DBS and M3 makes them look like they were dented.

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is nothing when you are comparing racing simulations. Sorry but I think GT lookd better still. It's ok to disagree, that's subjective.

Real racers use GT to train...

Not Forza.

And the number of cars in GT and making sure each one behaved like it does in real life probably takes a much longer time.

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so if GT5 is in 720p it's gonna look even more fantastic. That's what you're saying?

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