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What IRetrouk said, but also the rumors about Sony buying Konami ips were first; somewhere in early to mid March. Those were probably approved because of the excitement around Kojima being involved, not strictly because N4G is biased toward Sony. There were also multiple articles about a possible acquisition by Sony over multiple days, these 4 articles all use the same info and source and we're published in less than 48 hours. Plus I think maybe no one was excited about a Microsoft acquis...

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It's like playing a guitar. Right handers strum or finger with their right hand and use the left hand to fret the strings. It has to do with the amount of movements and muscle memory necessary, and the dominant hand being better equipped for more involved movements. If anything the current controller design was created for righties. They would be made the opposite was for lefties.

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I was just wondering where we are getting this idea that the remake is going to be shorter than the remake of re2. Has there been any announcement on play length? It sounds like this is just an assumption. Let me know otherwise.

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I have hoped from the beginning that Capcom would just create the RE3 remake as dlc for the core game as they could create new assets for certain locations and change the current assets as they see fit, as well as making new character models for the people in RE3. It would streamline the process of creating a full remake of RE3, instead of starting from scratch. A boy can dream.

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Hide Kojima? That dude is cool as f***. Wanted to be in a punk band, then make movies. He made some of the best video games I've ever played. Story wise, he is a master; always leaving a mystery to solve. I don't think I've been more disappointed, in recent years, than when his vision of Silent Hill was cancelled. Watch the TGS trailer for Silent Hills, from years ago, and tell me that game wouldn't have been amazing. Guy is punk rock as sh**, and has an amazing mind. Not gett...

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Obviously you missed the point. Go watch fox news.

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This is crazy guys. I would love to see so many of you passionate people here on n4g be passionate about something in real life and help make a difference in the world. The fact of the matter is that Trump has are a lot of promises and has yet to actually deliver on a single one. He is also an immortal unethical bigot. What Obama did or didn't do has nothing to do with it. Most of those who try and defend Trump just end up coming off bigoted as well. So let's just stick to the issue w...

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Hey sono,

If you want to do a comparison, try researching the amount of children separated from their families during Obama, compared to Trump. Then research how many of those kids are completely lost without much hope of being found. Compare those between Trump and Obama. After you've done that try considering losing your own child. This will most likely be very hard for you as I'm sure you don't have kids, so maybe think of something that would cause you to be...

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I just gotta say, I'm glad I wore my brown pants.

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Here's the thing about digital and hate and digital hate. People that say that kinda stuff online are cowards. He'll always be a coward just like everyone like him. As far as sony's removing access to his digital games. That's probably his fault for not setting his account properly. If his ps4 is set with his profile as primary, then even being banned from the network should not have resulted in him losing access to content he downloaded to his system. Otherwise the system has...

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Depends on what you're into.

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I have been hoping for ship building since the beginning. It would be great if they implement it. Fingers crossed.

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Did you mean Bladerunner 2049?

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Wasn't house of the dead an on rails shooter?

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It's the villains.

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You made me laugh at work. Great job!

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I think the concern is that BC be offered for ps4 games, not older gen stuff. Also, BC wasn't on Xbox at the "start" of this gen. It was added later as a new selling point, and it didn't help. Being present at the start is what everyone wants. Not being added at a later time to make up for short sales.

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Psnow is NOT sony's version of bc. There is no model for it. It was/is meant to give people access to streaming of sony's games through platforms other than Playstation. Some people do use it as a workaround for playing older games on a current Gen system, however, as there is currently no BC option.

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The wii u is in an odd position though. Should we judge the wii u with the ps3/360 gen or the current? If we judge on the ps3/360 gen then it could be considered a late gen upgrade like the oneX. If we judge it based on current gen, where does that leave the switch? The switch certainly couldn't be considered a mid gen upgrade due to its drastic difference in hardware. So does that mean Nintendo is a generation ahead of the competition? I always felt like the wii u fell in the 360 era.

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