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Gief either:

Uncharted 2! Drake yeah
Final Fantasy 7 remake! Cloud yeah
Shadow of the Collosus 2! uhhm yeah

I dont care which, but if its neither? i'll be f*cking dissapointet with Sony tbh.

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*Morgue: Learn to play, maybe then you wont get teabagged.. seriously ?

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4809d ago

No sh't he was fired.. he sucks ass, ninja gaiden 2 was one of the most flawed directly anoying games i have ever played, exept from the combat (which was amazing) it was completely broken, everything from the platforming and grafix to the story was lame.

And i actually happen to enjoy hardcore games normally.. Devil May Cry 4 is clearly superior tbh

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So what?.. the Xbox360 and PS3 version will be superior in any way

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And they f'cking should be .. that was one of the worst conferences EVER ^^

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no sh*t .. its by far the best online game out there

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Is this retardet webside just being flooded by angry PS3 fanboys at the age 8-14 ? .. wheres all the normal minded f'cking adults these days ^^

Ftr, im neither i own both a PS3 and an Xbox360, i used to be a hardcore PS3 fanboys, but much have changed since then, and i like both my consoles equally now.
For PS3 i own: RFOM, COD4, Uncharted, Warhawk, Motorstorm, Burnout, Devil may cry 4 and ofc MGS4 :P
For xbox360 i own: Bioshock, Fifa 08, Lost planet, Gears of w...

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Its not hate? its people being jealous.. Halo is like MS's main franchise, which will newer see the light on any other console, OFC every Sony/nintendo fanboy will trash it?..

just listen to people bashing KZ2? ITS NOT EVEN OUT YET, thats f'cking jealousy to.

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hahahahahahahaha LMAO you made me laugh so hard there dude! .. ooorr wait!? this is not a f*cking joke?

Retardet. <---simple as that

I actually own a 360 and a PS3, and while we probably both can agree that the 360, does have the overall best games. ;P (no offense sony fanboys, that just my opinion/taste in games ;P i love my PS3) MGS4 is defenetly one of the best games EVER, on both consoles.
Your points in this review just fails. And after reading it,...

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OMFG YEEEEEES!! pl0x let this be true, if Bungie is the developer, im gonna buy it on day 1! ..

And yea Halo3 finished the covenant fight:P, but left it open nonetheless..
I can already se it "Halo 4: Start another fight" !!! hope they show/confirm it at E3 :D

And no sony fanboys cant say this is sh*t, because Sony isnt any better, hrmm hrmm MGS5 anyone ? .. 4 was also suposed to be the last in the series..

and for the record, i ha...

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It dosnt feature two of the most important fun making things though, Online 4p splitscreen on xbox & ps, and vehicels.. therefore it can newer be a 10 ;P

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You made me laugh so hard there man! ..

Ohh wait a sec? this review wasnt a joke? :O .. wtf plx name one fps that surpass what halo3 has to offer.. no you cant, and thats why its a 9.7-10 average score

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Finally a review that isnt f*ck up, gj man

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n00bs.. what f*cking hack&slash isnt repetetive, DMC4 is one of the best available, only thing better is GoW.. and thats a fact.. but ofc n00bs like u dun like it cuz you probably suck so bad at it, its not casual its HARDCORE..

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Fantastic game.. but not a 10.. just look at the framerate, its horrbile .. that brings it to at least 9.6

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Sooo.. you think a map editor in a console game is an everygame feature ? .. and theater mode where you can record your coolest kills, and show em to your friends like youve always imgained, is what ? regular? .. 4p online splitscreen with an amazing amount of different weapons, grenates, cars and even aircrafts, is what ? in every FPS out there? .. This is the single best console FPS ever made.. giving it 8.5 just shows me what a n00b you r

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MS have spent so many $$$ on their gaming devision, that it would be the biggest failure if they didnt make a 3'd console.. and the 360 has had enormous succes compared to their first try..

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Legendary Map pack FTW!!! .. i cant wait to see the new building stuff in forge too.. Bungie FTW

and Halo3 is not dead retards.. wtf

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