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If nobody complained, Sony would not have done this. See if we can get away with it first, damage done. I won’t be satisfied until they make it offline. They’ve already destroyed GT pretty much, I don’t have much faith.

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So many damn games already, ghostwire coming out same day too. This is looking pretty cool though.

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Wow Lollipop Chainsaw! That’s a great one I still own, as well as Shadow of the Damned! Killer is Dead. Great grasshopper games there. Elex 2 I am thoroughly enjoying. That game is like a top notch bmovie. Stranger of paradise is a fun one.

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Wow, colecovision version takes me back! Of course arcade version does too, but I almost forgot about colecovision time pilot. Colecovision was indeed the console that was closest to arcade port back then. Always a sucker for old school!

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I was to, up until that latest joke of a patch. Cutting your prize money in half now from winning races? It’s bad enough there is no offline mode and you can’t sell any of your cars you own, now this. Complete greed! Other than that, I love the game. Sorry, had to get that off my chest.

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This is a really good open world flight combat game. Seriously might be one of the best to come in years. Highly overlooked gem! It has gotten great reviews but little to no publicity. It’s a real shame. While a game like elden ring gets too much publicity and overrated praise.

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Haha true

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Kinda strange to me that reviewers are bashing this game solely on story, when a game like Elden Ring gets straight perfect scores and has no story. I play games for the gameplay and world, not story. So I don’t really care. A game like Horizon Forbidden West I skip thru the story because it’s drawn out and boring. The world and gameplay are superb to me though. I think people maybe tend to forgot why we even play games to begin with maybe. If I wanna watch a movie, I’ll watch a movie. I unde...

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You sound no different than the people complaining about no easy mode. Kinda hypocritical there, but I’m sure you will have an excuse. Nobody is forcing you to play easy mode and the people that were wanting an easy mode, didn’t even have the option, you at least have the option and are still whining.

If anything the people crying about having this added are acting more of a baby than the ones that were crying about it being too difficult. Kinda glad I won’t be playing this...

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Completely agree! There is no excuse whatsoever. Lazy porting! Looks like I’m going to have to pass on this altogether. Between all the glitches and problems with this trilogy, it’s not worth it. Like someone else said in here, better to just wait for new saints row. I will stick with saints row the third on the switch for now. Even looks much better than this half baked game. What a damn joke.

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Again? Can’t they put it all on damn cartridge already? Anyone know if physical version coming to PS5 or PS4?

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Vice City, no question about it.

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No, so it will gain some kinda value later on and nice to actually have to put on the shelf. Have you seen what San Andreas for PS2 goes for these days? Hahaha

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Anyone know if there will be a physical version for Switch or PS5? Be cool to have this on Switch in handheld mode.

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The world has really lost its mind lately

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To be perfectly honest, i wasn’t even thinking that, nor do I care about a one console side. I’m talking about the problems that arise when you decide to go digital. That too hard for you to understand? You wanna be an immature little crying Xbox fan, that’s your problem. Go right ahead no one is stopping you. I do suggest next time you don’t assume that’s the way everybody else thinks. You do sound pretty childish and paranoid though.

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Game looks great regardless. Will be picking this one up!

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Hmm, another reason to give the finger to digital! Go physical!!!

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Unfortunately it’s consumers like yourself, as to why we are seeing developers do this kinda nonsense. If everybody just stopped supporting digital, they wouldn’t be doing stuff like this. Hold out for physical man. What’s a couple months? So many other games to play anyways. Don’t give in to this corporate scam!

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They want to release it digitally first to test the waters and if it sells good, then they decide to do a physical version. Some developers take forever to release physical. Whatever happened to physical switch version of cup head for instance? That was promised and still nothing! I’m really getting tired of this trend. I’m all about physical media, digital should never have been made in the first place. It’s one big money making scam that sticks it to the consumer. I like to be able to hold...

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