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i dont think so not with the bugs it had

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wait xbla games for xbox live

whats the difference

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whats this gameplay you speak of is it a new effect

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i knew something was wrong when bethesda won studiof the year

you dont release a broken game ps3 version and then get studio of the year

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i wish people would stop being so fucking god damn retarded

how is sony supposed to know what developers want to do with there game to make it run at what ever frame rate resolution it does so never mandatated games to run at 120 fps or even 60 fps

almost any piece of hardware can run a game at insane resolutions/framerate

depending on the quality of the coding and the quality of effects and such being used in the game

you wo...

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i thought the point of fractions were to ge rid of decimals

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why do i feel like people dont know the life of a bill

here let me help you

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are you saying women dont need female hookers

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i dont think so

team ico is like 20 people

i dont think they will give them 100 million dollars and 20 years to make a game

but 5 years and like 20 million is more reasonable

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"They've been our playtesters for the changes we've made to Special Edition."

i dont have the game but this is what angered me

BEING CALLED A PLAY TESTER FOR A SPECIAL EDITION that wont come to a game that people already payed for

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would you lik eyour gtas on 3 discs or one

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supreme court rulings

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i dont like the mentality that one person makes a game good

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Screw you i want infamous 3

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inb4 20 comments from pc elitist

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not knowing memes

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you want the people who did that to dante working on another game

10 years of classic dante capcom gives it to ninja theory and then lets change dante

lets make the game run at 30 fps and not 60 fps

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dis gon b good

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