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do you even undertsand what you are saying?????????????

DONT look at VGCRAP and talk trash. VG has delated x360 sales by 1 m in US and downgraded PS3 sales by 1m in US at the same time

YOU DONT LIVE IN EUROPE. CUZ in EUROPE there are no X360 owners except some people in UK. X360 is only sold by retailers in some parts of UK and AUStrali not in mainland europe

X360 has never outsold PS3 in europe.

PS3 has already overtaken x360 in eur...

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GT5 does make Forza 2 look like a wii game.

That was just a typo i guess

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you have to come up reviews of XBOT mags/websites to move ahead of PS3 version???

XBX magazine gave PGR4 10/10....what a joke . that joke game

Uncharted has 90% average

Ratchet has 89%

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PS3 outsold x360 by 40k in January.

It will do the same in february since MS themselves are claiming that they have "supply issues"??

Then How come you have x360 outselling ps3 in Jan-february and not only that by 70k units!!!!!!!!!!!!

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PS3 outsold x360 in January,2008 according to NPD.

By a hefty 40k units.

then how come VGCHARTZ showing x360 having the edge?

VGCHARTZ didnt still fix their figures for ps3 and x360 for USA.

PS3 should have an edge of 100k units rather.

Theres no F***** way PS3 would get outsold by x360 in february

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5,000px times ~3,000px ---not 1920*1080

thats 7.5x or 750% the ORIGINAL SIZE.

even at a 750% REZ the graphics look phenomenal

at 1080p*1920 the graphics easily tear GEARS 2

R2 will PWN every game in the market during November/December

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those are MASSIVELY ZOOMED screens

5,000px times ~3,000px ---not 1920*1080

thats 7x the ORIGINAL SIZE

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7x the original size.

The screen that you see in the unzoomed state is the original image.

see 720P WOWWWWW images here


********Those are 7x the ORIGINAL SIZE. any game would look bad if zoomed by 700%

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will murder Gears 2 in terms of graphics and gameplay.

Those are massively zoomed screens (7x the original size)

go here for 720p SHOTS


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did you even read the artcile

The images are ZOOMED 7x their original sizes

Resistance 2 would be the best looking game during its release.

for 720p screens go here


R2>>>>better than any FPS graphically except Crisis

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Yea you will not see anything special cuz you are XBOX OWNERS who play Halo 3 at 640p.

Reistance has the MOST FUN MP (40 players) unlike 8/16 for Gears/halo3.

It showcased the best Physics and the best AI during its time.

The single player missions were super fun.

R2 will PWN every game in the market in NOV/DECEMBER.

It will easily sell over 5m copies in 2008 alone ( could be more , i wont be surprised if it reaches 5m...

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do u honestly believe that after Blu ray's victory PS3 isnt outselling x360 2:1 in UK? did you read the article that mentioned that sales in Blu Ray players spiked 700% in UK after HD DVD's demise.

Vgchartz i believe are undermining PS3 sales by a big amount in europe. Do you honetsly believe that PS3 is just outselling x360 1.6:1 in europe?

as for GT5 P it is already in the top charts (preorder and also sales list) of all eu retailers eg Look at the charts of GA...

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when GT5 prologue hits europe .

GTR and FF are now the biggest franchises in europe.

There are already over 1m preorders for prologue in europe

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HALO 3 ---overhyped and mediocre with poor graphics.

The only PROVEN game that you could have is GEARS 2 but will be murdered by R2( Insomniac are PROVEN developers)

KZ liberation --9 from IGN (proven)

MGS4 --proven

GT5 prologue already has a million PREORDER.

you can see it on the TOP list of all eu retailers.

NG2 --flop game no one cares.
Alnawake, banzo kajoi,too human,halo wars ---ALL UNPROVEN...

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10.5m/11m vs 15/16m

in 6 months time ps3 would be catching x360 in total sales.

By that time almost all x360s could be traded in for PS3s in europe.

Resistance 2 will be a wayy bigger hit than Gears 2 in worldwide sales.

You are talking about global sales and you could easily imagine the PS3's fanbase in eu by that time

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you dont own a PS3.

No ps3 owner would ever buy an x360.

Even Gears 2 cant challenge Uncharted Graphically what makes you think Gears2 would rival Resistance 2 with 60 player online and 8 player coop

Most of the remaining 3m x360s in europe would be traded in for PS3 when KZ2/R2 is launched. PS3 would have around 3x/4x as many consoles as x360 in the eu market during R2/Gears2 launch.

PLUS the gap would be closing in NA by as much as...

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By the time of Resistance 2's launch PS3 would already have an install base of 10 million in europe alone.

x360's base would dwindle even further since 60% of x360s purchased in Europe have been traded in for either PS3/Wii.

Resistance 2 will sell 5m in europe alone.
Gears will sell around 500k there.

Resistance will easily sell around 2.5m/3m in NA in 2008.
However Resistance will easily surpass 10m in worldwide sales AT THE END OF I...

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will easily sold over 5m in 2008 alone

It could even be 5 m each in europe alone

resistance 1 sold 2.5m ( still selling ) to a userbase of 6 million

By the time R2 is launched PS3 would be having a userbase of around 23/25m

By the time KZ2 is launched ps3 would be around 18m/20m

so expect both R2/KZ2 to sell in heavy quantities worldwide PLUS PS3 has gained steam and a lot of hype.

MGS4 ,GTA4,GT5 prologu...

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