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please just show the mother fucking game, i hate this shit.

edit: i see a billboard that says "blush" check it out in the photo.

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agreed, but they should also throw in a few natal games with it.

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i agree. and i know when this gets in the publics hands its going to be unrealistic how microsoft intended them to use it. people want remotes, they love them, dont fix whats not broken.

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Rank Company (Home Country) Global Reputation Pulse
1 Google (US) 78.62
2 Sony (Japan) 78.47
3 The Walt Disney Company (US) 77.97
4 BMW (Germany) 77.77
5 Daimler/Mercedes-Benz (Germany) 76.83
6 Apple (US) 76.29
7 Nokia (Finland) 76.00
8 IKEA (Sweden) 75.60
9 Volkswagen (Germany) 75.55
10 Intel (US) 75.39
11 Microsoft (US) 74.47
12 Johnson & Johns...

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in my opinion ps3 has better exclusives.

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but looking forward to this update nonetheless.

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exept prostitutes, get em done, then shoot em.

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scorpion and sub zero. also, sully and drake.

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natal is useless

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reform that pirate and do a red forman on his @ss.

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your the best company for gaming that has ever existed. i honor you right now. thank god for sony.

on topic: i agree, content on the disk makes things less complicated for people who unfortunatley do not have online.

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but they have not showed any natal footage exept the infamous big red ball. ive seen a bunch of videos showcasing the playstation move and how amazing it is. if natal is so powerful and great, why arent they showing it? i think because they overestimated their technology and when they seen sonys playstation move they got scared, and scrapped the projects they already had and are currently trying to come up with new ones unsuccessfully. thats why they are hiding has got themselves...

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the ps3 actually scored higher than the 360 version but we cant have that can we...

editor: sir the ps3 version of final fantasy is amazing on ps3, great graphics, great textures, and i think we should give the ps3 a higher...

ign: higher what?!

editor: uhh higher score sir...

ign: your fired!

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just enjoy your games and stop this nonsense.

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i agree. i dont even have to state which game will have the better graphics, ill let the pc gamers do it for me.

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please release the GUMPERT APOLLO

This could easily have been called the Gumpert Phlair because its go-fast aesthetics are just that redundant, and in this the Apollo is the exact opposite of the 8C: It is form following function, and at times, following very very far behind indeed. Intended to be a street-legal but track-ready sports car, every inch of the Apollo’s bulbous surface is made for generating downforce or sheeting the air over and under the car as efficiently as p...

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Roam” [HD ... Red Dead Redemption: Gameplay Video – Life in the West – Part 2 (HD 720p)Ps3 Version.

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