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Yeah. I bought the rs300 when 1st launched. Then theis pc got delayed. So just waiting for the release now. Lol.

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Tbh. I do like the idea of remote play and i have a vita and xperia z3 compact tab. However, i dont find myself using it as much as i thought. Mainly as it affects the lag and on games i like.
With all the focus on getting a gaming tv with low lag. Its hard to go this route.
If however you dont like these fast games then its fine and gr8.
Id just get a tv seperate for gaming if it really affects others watching tv.
I still think its good.
For fast pace...

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Hmmm. I wasnt a big fan tbh of the idea watching tv and playing just for myself. I always thought i would just not be able to concentrate on the game. Lol
But having the option of allowing others to continue watching their program whilst you can play your game is def a good idea. Although i think the person watching the tv would prob be jealous we have the bigger view lol.

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I understand peoples worry of all these remakes. But i think its easier to just avoid the game if we really dont want to. Or get it if we really do.
Either way. These companies will continue doing this type of thing. Im just trying to look positive and think....well at least their giving us a choice. They cant steal our if we want to avoid it. Just wait for the next one that we do want. :)

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Anyone know about the free digital upgrade deal. You download ps3 and get ps4 version free or 360, xbone version free. Only if ordered digital. Strange thing is, when i checked other day on ps4. It was £54.99 preorder. But on ps3 it was only £49.99. So just getting the older version saves you £5 as you can upgrade free.
I checked xbone and also £54.99. But the 360 version i cant see available to pre order digital. Makes no sense.
Would need to start downloa...

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Weird. I got my z3 compact tab today and just set it up. Then i pressed the ps button and it said i can download remote play from store. I put it away after getting familiar with it and find this article straight away.

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I dont mind waiting, considering all the games coming out. M
My only concern is we dont end up with another driveclub situation after another racing games long delay....

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I bought the downloaded version on psn on release. Turned my console on 2 days ago and said downloading update.... then fails. I kept trying retry but kept failing all the time. I gave up and turned it off in the end. Ill see what happens tomorrow.

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Slightly off topic. But how do you find the battery life on your ps4 controller when not being used for say a day?
basically i dont always have time to play games, but i like to charge my controllers so im ready to play the next day. I have never had an issue with my ps3 controllers. I could charge them and they would keep charged for ages even if not used. However ever since buying my ps4 last year, i bought an extra blue controller seperate. I noticed even till this day that its ver...

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Hi. I believe from what i read it is in the racing side. However its just that its not ps4 fully compatible. So you will need to use the ds4 pad to get through the menus, etc. I just ended up getting the t300rs to keep it fully ps3/4 compatible.

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I have played a few games on driveclub with my new t300rs. I just will need to try on ps3 gt6 and push the force and sensitivity up from there new update to test it more.

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Can you use playstation tv to stream your ps4 from one room to another tv. Basically remote play, but on another big screen without moving ps4.

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Very true....tbh there are 9/10 rated games that im not even bothered with. Thats just not my cup of tea.
I have played lower rated games and enjoyed them.
Like you said. Its down to the individual.

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Yeah. Will do m8.
Im digging some info. Does your elite csr remove from base? Mine is the standard csr. I believe mine don't.
Im keeping mine incase. However i have got the t300rs for ps4/3 so i can do driveclub and project cars.
An adapter for fanatec on xbox one would cover all consoles.

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The sales man in game said the exact same thing to me whilst i was purchasing the xbox one.

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Can someone send me a link to this?
I am a little confused. It says a adapter to use current fanatec, but the story says a base unit. This sounds more like another pricey wheel base.
I only ask as i own a fanatec forza csr, elite pedals and 6 shifter. I also received an email 2 weeks ago saying as i am a previous customer, i am invited to have a special pre order price for there new line of brushless wheel that will be available to work with next gen consoles. All you do to in...

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Well. I said ill give fifa a chance for 2 months. If in that time it fails. Ill sell and get pes 2015 instead. If it is improved!!!

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I must say the demo showed gr8 goalkeeping.....until i was running clear on goal and noticed there keeper standing at the edge of penalty area with there defender. Almost like they were chatting. I just run past them and scored. It was hilarious. I saved the clip on my ps4. I gather the the keeper and defender were not impressed with their wages.

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I wished i had the demo. Was waiting till 16t and got delayed.

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When they expecting the pes demo now?
Dont want to create a hong kong account.
They were aiming to impress before fifa launched.

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