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demons souls was and is still a incredible game! and to me the game just seem a lot more life like as if the game can breathe itself.

I seen the recent trailer for dark souls 2and it seems to have a lot more variety than the previous game. Appearently dark souls 2 needs to stay hardcore, if anything they should promote stradegy guides for the casual market.

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so how long you play online?

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the game looks wicked hard encouraging gamers to buy the stradegy guide would be nice!

and variety, also stay away from the hack and slash stay close to demons souls.

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the game was doom to start with. ever since they announce that they won't be having unlocable characters already threw me off the boat.

Not only that the character roster! you have dante with no virgil, you have nathan drake? this game just wasnt ready.

Not only that there only theres only a couple of game mode, there is no single player value.

And to finish, most reviews on this game were based on the gameplay online which the fun only l...

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is for game like dmc, gow, and ninja gaiden!

until I play dark souls 2 and like it, from the impression I recieve from the new director this game already failed.

this is why I dont like copy cats and imitators. now that this game damn near stole the idea from demons souls look at it now, the director have no original idea.

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thats why I want this game to be succesful! we gamers do not have much good games and this is the game we need to have!

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it would be dritini! I love gible to... idk between tthe 2 I cant go wrong.

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its like dark souls copy demon souls and made a good game. noow dark souls is at front for there next game and tsk tsk tsk.... they have no idea!

if the developer want an idea that will truly stand the test of time send me a private message cuz this is ridiculous

the new director for dark souls is a mit romney he dont know anything about being a gamer!

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then maybe you would get an idea of what dark souls 2 should be about?

also; should an artist trust in himself for artistic suggestions or should he/she rely on the internet to see what the next story is going to be about....

idkmaybe the developers just doent see video games as art

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when the content of the game is the thing making a game rated Mature and while everthing about the game is rated E for everyone.

So my thing is this, if its rated M let the game be sophisticated so maybe seeing sex in video games won't be such a big deal.

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I get the feel of pokemon; and the battle system is like the animated series. My only thing in this game is I hope ni no kuni makes a sequel; and for the game I want to be able to capture all types of familiars in the game.

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you got another thing coming sony! KZ needs to be KZ not call of duty. I was shock to see that KZ1 story mode was way better than KZ2 and 3. Also the game play weight from KZ2 needs to be in KZ4.

and GT6! first of all gt5 was dreadfull, polyphony digital got a lot of work to do! my love for racing games is dead thanks a lot.

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I wonder what this game is all about

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if they add agumon as a free dlc. his first super can be him digivoling into greymon knocking out any players close as he evolves then nova blast his opponent. his second super can be him digivolving into metal greymon with the same knocking out any player thats close, but then shoots out his giga cannons from his chest killing up to 3 ppl at once. and his 3rd super is him digivolving into wargreymon doing a insta kill to all on the map obliterating his opponents with a devistating terra forc...

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and that was to be the better smash bros. instead of being the better version of smash bros. the game ended up being a smash clone. after it became a smash clone the developers decided they didnt want to be clone or even be compared to smash bros.

So now we got this overrated game that couldn't live up to its name.

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all I can say is

SSB>PSASBR=digimon rumble arena

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the source of the hate comes from gamers who generally thought this game would be good until they played the game!

2.) this industry as of now is a bunch of copy and paste and sequels, so saying its like smash bros. is not even the tip of the hate.

3.) its quite obvisous that this game was suppose to be Playstation smash bros. and instead of following the idea and adding more to the style of genre, they cut short.

4.) if they didnt want to be...

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I agree the game deserve a 6 at best! this game is over rated for it to get a 9!

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should make a demons souls like game

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