I'm not the good guy!
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1.) when playing competitive videogames via 1v1 have your win ratio at 60% if she believe she has a chance on beating you that would give her more "confidence"

2.) Lose at the end. she will be so caught up on defeating you she won't notice your intentions.

3.) no perfect(s) dominating in video games is such a turn off.

4.) intensity! you must maintain the intensity level, iin this case sweat is good.

5.) physica...

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and when a game is a threat to your social life; I'm talking about staying home, not going to the movies, no taking care of business. All you would want to do is play this game until you see purple spots.

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when dual battling I thought it would be cool if the pokemon of the same type would give a stat boost.

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Your not American

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Im a real american patroit. I do believe if you come to some one private property to take their gun, some people may resist in a violent behavior!

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I am American If obama infringe on the 2nd amendment im afraid that he may start a new revolutionary war. Thousand or even millions may die.

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But I can tell you this based on the screen shot that they purpose it seems like they only played and reviewed the demo... smh

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at least one before te elite 4

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its def. one of those games you keep in the closet.

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is because it has no true identity. I believe sony should take more risk with vita exclusive so the vita can have more orginality.

remember there is no nintendo without Mario, Link, and Samus. There is no Xbox without masterchief, and there is no Playstation without kratos, solid snake, and Nathan drake.

with the amount of studios sony has, I don't see why not invest more in the vita?

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this game series is pretty much the madden of this genre

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Like really! I haven't seen a single "criminal" follow the law. Anytime I watch the news that involve guns like a mass murder, drive by, or a robbery of some sort, the criminal always seem to have a large amount of fire power!

Where does a criminal get all that fire power, with background screening, you must ask yourself how does a criminal get all that fire power?


so what is gun control to a c...

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we don't have enough games like pokemon except pokemon ! look at call of duty? we got crysis, kz3, resistance 2, battlefield , and halo reach!

if you ask me we definitely need more games like pokemon

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if the god of war series were rated T it would been named Kratos!

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"DO NOT call PS All-Stars a Smash Bros. knock off, it is actually anything but a copy or clone of Nintendo’s fabled fighter. -SMH

SuperBot has taken the most basic premise of that series and CRAFTED a full-featured fighter that delivers something beyond the casual experience and that crosses over into the competitive fighting realm." -ROFL

what other game this site rewarded a 9?

according to this site psasbr is the best fighting gam...

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it needs to be a high calibur game like MGS to zelda, and also halo.

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M$ needs versitility! it needs something that can stand the test of time! If I was M$ I wouldn't buy this game either.

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unlike ssb1 the single player in psasbr is way empty and i feel that the game is over price/rated when the most fun come from the multiplayer!

the inspiration was clear when the idea came to mind. the similarities are quite vivid. the problem is not its identity, that its a mascott brawler. It is the very sole fact that the game is missing its very own face. what is this game, and where is it going? if this game was a celebrity, it would be the situation from jersey shore. <...

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i bet if sony release an exclusive pong game it would be consider goty

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this game borrows elements from other fighters. also the game to most may seem solid but in actuality this game cannot hold a candle light beside any other fighters.

honestly this game have no unlockability so everybody is playable from the start, which to most gamers this simple tool is needed.

so let me ask you this since you believe this game is worth more 3/5 and up!

what makes this game solid when the arcade mode is pretty much empty. ...

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